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  1. Hi guys, Just purchased a clio rs200 mk4 sport. Was wondering if any of you have replaced the air filter with a K&N one and if it made a slight difference or no difference. cheers Alex
  2. I can officially say I have joined the family just purchased a 2015 rs200 sport with 23000km. looking forward to picking it up. Once again much appreciated for all the feedback. are there any owner meets comming up in Melbourne this year?
  3. thanks fellas will be testing driving one on Thursday appreciate your advice
  4. I don't think the rs200 sport comes out with the akro exhaust and was after an opinion on those who have tracked the rs200 sport mk4 and what they think of it
  5. cheers mate. appreciate it
  6. Hey guys new to the forum so apologies if this has been covered. I am looking at purchasing a rs200 sport mk4 and would like to do some track days in it as well as a daily driver. Is it a capable track car to have fun In. much appreciated Alex
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