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  1. Anyone done a back box delete on there Clio rs200 edc? I know a lot of people recommend a center res delete but wondering if the next option up would sound any better? Cheers
  2. I would be looking for a direct swap or roughly 20k maybe 25k if it was a real good example. Most likely auto just because of the type of driving I do. Dont get a good enough chance to really enjoy a manual
  3. In love with my Clio RS200, but I cant help but catch the bug of always looking for more. I have been looking at a range of different cars but im more focused on what people on this forum would consider competitors to the RS200? I thought about getting a 125i Coupe with the inline 6 or a Mistubishi ralliart but cant bring myself to make a choice. Am I insane or am i just a car guy haha In any case, im interested to hear others opinions on why the Clio is superior or as to what the competitors are and if its worth the switch. Im open to all opinions! Thanks guys
  4. Im not exactly experienced in the field of tuning but from what i know builds that make that kinda power are usually running hybrid turbo setups. The typical intercooler, turbo, intake, set of pipes, tune etc etc. Some owners from what ive seen have also run NOS and i know one member in this forum is running Meth/Water setup. Dont know if that helps and i will most likely be corrected on this haha😅
  5. Wow thats interesting to hear. Ive honestly considered selling my IV for a 172 and using the left over money from the IV after buying the 172 to do it up to how i want it. Ive seen a few around and its super tempting. Hows the manual transmission in them? compared to other hot hatches in the market?
  6. Sounds great! What can i expect to pay for a 182 vs a 172?
  7. For all you 182/172 owners out there, how does it compare to the RS200 EDC? Besides the tech involved and gear boxes, what are the major differences in terms of handling and power delivery? Reason im asking is I own a rs200 but wondering what its like compared to an older model clio due to me wanting to look at a possible side project for myself or the possibility of selling my clio down the line in a few years time or so to buy an older model for that more interactive experience with the manual and NA power. Any experiences with the cars or opinions is appreciated ( i
  8. Haha agreed. Suppose I'm just not used to having a car with such a stretch. Only other European car I've been exposed to in my family of car enthusiasts is an Audi wagon and that had 15k worth of gearbox problems, yikes!
  9. Thanks, will take that into consideration. The 205s have an uncomfortable stretch to them that certainly pokes at my anxiety😂 that's why my first consideration in terms of mods was some beefy tyres for the road.
  10. Thanks mate! Yeah it's been awesome so far and certainly no regrets joining the world of renault sport! I've heard about center res deletes as a go to first mod. How much of a difference does that make to the sound? And can I expect to be pulled over and fined for it if not careful? Also leaning towards the idea of getting some quality rubber, I've got p zeros right now. Any suggestions for some new rubber? Thanks
  11. Sounds good. I'm on the standard 205/40/18 right now. Pirelli P zero. What tyres would you reccomoned? I've heard maxium I can go is 235 with the stock rs wheels?
  12. More road driving. Just a fun weekend car that can also be a reliable daily👍
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