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  1. Yes, the model name changed in 2015 from the Cup Trophy to the Cup Premium due to the 220 Trophy being released. The only Phase 1 RS Clio IV with stop/start was the 220 Trophy. 220 Trophy also had different steering rack, air intake, turbo and exhaust. It also had more torque (280Nm) in the upper gears. The regular Phase 2 Clio Sport and Cup got the torque increase (and software update), but not the extra power (162kW in the 220). The Phase 2 220 Trophy is mechanically identical to the Phase 1 220, except for the Akrapovic exhaust (this does not give any extra power or torque).
  2. R17G

    I'm a newbie

    Have one myself. Fun little car!
  3. "Australia is an important market for Renault Sport globally," he said. "We rank consistently in the top five [for sales] and on previous-generation Megane we were, for a couple of years, the second-largest market after the domestic market [France], so, we're well known and loved by them and equally we love them back." Justin Hocevar July 6 2017 https://www.themotorreport.com.au/car-review/renault-megane-rs-prioritised-for-australia-alpine-still-unsure-86881.html
  4. Yes surprising, I would have thought so too.
  5. As far as I am aware, all edc updates with faster shift, updated software, shorter paddle travel etc, were included in the phase 1 trophy. Some good prices around for these. Interestingly as of September 2015 Australia was taking about 10% of the world wide production of RS Clio's. Pretty sure I read recently that Australia is the 3rd largest market for RS in the world after France and Germany, at one point it was number 2. Be careful with Audi, nice cars but .......
  6. Good luck. Do you mean a remap for the 220? The motors are the same in all 220's. Newer 220's are no different. However if you just want more power, I have heard of 300HP with the standard EDC reliably. Also I think 220's have an extra 300rpm on the limiter compared to 200's.
  7. Did you pull the trigger? Can't say I have noticed a change in the box, but that could be because I drive it all the time.
  8. With modern oils, I wouldn't be too worried about a few cold starts. Unless this has caused condensation in the muffler. Not prepping the car is another matter. Offer them $30k, enough left over for a good detail. Agree about the matt paint, but it does look good with the gloss black roof.
  9. Torque is the same for both 220's. It is 280 nm in the higher gears.
  10. Oh... Another good thing about the Clio IV, no timing belt to change.
  11. I put a list of the differences with the 220 and facelift 220 in the 220 trophy register blog. Mechanically they are identical. The Akrapovic doesn't improve performance, but does improve noise (but pre facelift noise still nice when putting the foot down). The main differences to the RS200 are the turbo, larger air intake, faster steering rack, lower ride height, different spring rates, different roll bars, shorter travel on paddles, different gearbox software, stop/start (now on all facelift models), different exhaust, Michelin Pilot Super Sports, some software settings. The updat
  12. I have had the Trophy for a bit over a year now. Feel free to ask any questions.
  13. Ah Ok, will give those a try. Cheers.
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