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  1. Exactly right, doubt there is any difference in performance unless tuned or modded as mentioned. Just saves on the cost of paper filters but only if you do a lot of kilometres. I had one in an MR2 which was modded but could not tell if it made any difference to performance coz it went like stink anyway. Only cleaned it and re-oiled it every 40,000km or so and it was a time consuming job but probably needed doing only once every 2 or 3 years...๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. +1...came out mid 2014 on. Later models are better but they are all good. They ride a little softer than the Cup model but are fine for both track and road use. Whatever your budget allows...you won't regret it. ๐Ÿ˜ Just check the normal things when buying used and definately test drive.
  3. From mid 2014 on through 2015 plus these had a 5 year warranty so you may be able to get one with some factory warranty left. As others have said they are a great little reliable car. I bought mine new in 2014 and the only reason I traded it last year was to buy a vehicle more suitable to my 'maturing' years and the wife wanted an SUV. Don't be too concerned with rumours about the EDC trannie as problems are rare if you service the car regularly. I never had any problems with mine in 4 years and the only complaint I can think of is they tend to spray the front wheels with a lot of brake dust and I ended up buying a can of brake dust repellent spray which virtually eliminated this problem.
  4. Yep....interested to know which Elan it was. I was interested in the 1990 to 1995 model at one stage but could never find one in reasonable nick. They were a little road rocket with an Isuzu turbo.
  5. You need to take one for a test drive to fully understand the DCT gearbox. All dual clutch gear boxes, DCT, DSG whatever in any car, not only Clios operate the same and can be annoying at roundabouts, slow traffic etc. however on the open road they can be lot of fun due to fast gear changes etc. I eventually traded mine for a 'normal' torque converter auto as I found myself doing a lot of short drives involving many roundabouts and stop/starts etc. and it wasn't really suited for that so I suggest you be aware of that. Also I had visions of the DCT giving up just after the 5 year warranty ended costing me around $8,000 to replace....the eternal pessimist. ๐Ÿ˜ด In saying that they can be a lot of fun and I still miss mine for the power and handling and the DCT 'box seems to withstand track work ok. so possibly the concern is exaggerated ๐Ÿ˜–
  6. pm sent Firebolt...๐Ÿ™‚
  7. chris043

    Oil change

    http://www.reset-service.com/oil-reset-light/reset-service-light-indicator-renault-megane-2 This is how you do it.
  8. Seems to only be available to European Reno owners. Can't find Aussie version.
  9. I did it at pace a few years ago in a SW20 MR2 chasing other like cars on a CAMS sanctioned rally. Oversteer on most corners going up, most fun I have had since my honeymoon.
  10. Good price...don't worry about negative comments. Any car new or old can have issues and you still have a couple of years warranty left. I have never had any real dramas with mine...
  11. Just in case you are unaware where the missing door seals should be, the missing front door ones are at the bottom of the doors and you will probably see the holes in the metal where they should have been clipped in. The missing back door ones run right around the door from where the top seals finish at the rear base of the window to the end of the door base or leading edge at the bottom of the door. Don't let them give you their normal bulldust about some cars being assembled without them etc. etc. The back door ones in particular prevent dust and water entering the cabin. If they argue the point quote Stromlo's case where he had his missing ones supplied There is an extensive thread on this here somewhere as you probably know...
  12. Yep Dan...go direct to Renault, Australia re door seals and once you receive them if you are confident enough fit them yourself or get your friendly panel beater to do it professionally.
  13. Mine doesn't 'clunk' when downshifting....maybe a little sometimes when upshifting under hard acceleration in manual Sport or Race mode
  14. Probably because the boffins at Renault think that the DCT computer knows more about ideal downshift times than we do...
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