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  1. So after picking her back up from her date with @FredV6 on Friday, where she had a new cam belt / water pump, as well as front right wheel bearing, engine and torque mounts and a new set of sparks (should have seen the old ones), I hit Mt Nebo yesterday with my son. Fitting that it was father's day and that the last time he and I drove a manual Clio up the mountain, he was 9 months old and sitting in a car seat in the centre rear seat so he could watch out the windscreen. That was back in 2002 and yesterday I drove up and he drove down... Pushing a high revving, manual Clio that sticks
  2. Story Checks out!!!!
  3. Didn't get to meet Fred yesterday and ask, so he's still an enigma. Will ask him when I pick it up next week and let you know if he reveals his secrets to me...
  4. To be fair, its a 10 year old car, with a hard (tracked based) 30,000KMs on it, that feels like it's never had any love from the previous owner. Guess I kind of new what I was probably getting myself into. Hard to put a price on a little car that can leaving you smiling and laughing just about every drive.
  5. So final update after having it up on the hoist at Superior and the cause of the (not so) Good Vibrations are: Front right wheel bearing Engine Mounts Torque Mounts Add to that a Cam belt and water pump and there's better things Id'd rather be spending the money on. That said, it will be nice to be rolling smoothly!
  6. @Caduceus best news ever... At $200 though, I figure I may as well invest in some brand news one. Thank you very much again for the offer. Genuinely amazing support around here!!! @BNothling will call you in a tick and keep my fingers crossed this is the source of the issue. Does kind of make sense though as the vibration is almost whole of car based, not steering wheel...
  7. So the guys at Bridgestone believe it’s the rear wheel bearings, likely from the car having not been driven for 12-18 months. they said both are really noisy around that speed and the vibration seems to be coming through the whole car rather than steering wheel. any thoughts? Apparently though, Renault only sell them with the disc so looking at $1050 to replace both. seem legit ???? Thanks guy
  8. Hi Matt, Chris Taking on both your ideas, the guys at Bridgestone Milton (where I purchased the 4 new tyres) are going to rotate the wheels and check the wheel hubs for damage for me tomorrow (free of charge). Let you know how we go. Thanks to everyone for their help thus far! Guy
  9. Seriously? That’s really generous of you! will let you know how I go and will be in contact appreciate the support 👍
  10. Not a bad idea. Looks like Im going to need a trolley jack and some stands...
  11. Hi Guys Unfortunately the vibration existed when the car arrived but as all 4 tyres were pretty shot, I put 4 new tyres on, balanced and aligned and the problem still exists. Even took it back to the guys to check the balancing (which was ever so slightly out). Chucked them back on and the issue continues... Would a damaged or bent wheel be easy to spot? All 4 look in good shape.
  12. Thanks Junior! Superior it is...
  13. Hi Guys Ive purchased my 4th RS just lat month (a 2012 Clio RS 200 RB7), after having 2 x Clio Phase 2s and a Megane RS225 F1 back in my twenties... Fun to be back behind the wheel of the go-kart... Problem I have is that although the car has only done 30,000KM, it's likely been a hard track based 30... The car develops a strong vibration when you hit around 80-100km (particularly when veering to the left). Lots of advice out there with regards to CV boots leaking, engine mounts, gearbox mounts, checking the hubs for play, checking front lower arm bushes, warped discs, dri
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