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  1. Hi guys, I want to start leanring how to maintain the car and learn everyhing about it, but i'm having a had time finding details online about it. is there any sort of meagthread/source that has a basic rundown of doing everything for the car to maintain and look after it well? Thanks,
  2. Pzeros. I bought this on the 1st, I've only used them for a few weeks but their pretty worn and need changing
  3. Ended up going the Pilot sport 4s cheers @NTRDR
  4. Awesome man, cheers for the help. I'm going to go pilot super sports 215/40/18. Thanks guys!
  5. Whats the best way to check actual speed vs speedo speed?
  6. I'm not able to find re003's in 215/40/18s Also quick question in regards to going from 205/215s will that throw out my speedo? I heard that changing tyre sizes does that? or is that more to do with profile?
  7. Hey guys, I recently picked up a Clio RS 2014 and i'm in need of some new tyres for it. I've been looking around and i'm unsure on what to get. The tyre size is 205/40/18 If anyone can recommend me some good tyres please do! Thanks.
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