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  1. Pzeros. I bought this on the 1st, I've only used them for a few weeks but their pretty worn and need changing
  2. Hi guys, I currently own a 2014 RS 200 Cup and i'm just trying to change the default output to stay on bluetooth, I've been trying to figure out how to do it and have no idea how to and couldn't find anyhting in the manual. Currently it sits on AM till i switch it across and i'd prefer not to do that.
  3. Ended up going the Pilot sport 4s cheers @NTRDR
  4. Awesome man, cheers for the help. I'm going to go pilot super sports 215/40/18. Thanks guys!
  5. Whats the best way to check actual speed vs speedo speed?
  6. I'm not able to find re003's in 215/40/18s Also quick question in regards to going from 205/215s will that throw out my speedo? I heard that changing tyre sizes does that? or is that more to do with profile?
  7. Hey guys, I recently picked up a Clio RS 2014 and i'm in need of some new tyres for it. I've been looking around and i'm unsure on what to get. The tyre size is 205/40/18 If anyone can recommend me some good tyres please do! Thanks.
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