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  1. Hi guys I'm seriously looking at purchasing a 2014- 2015 Clio RS 200 as their prices have fallen towards a $15k mark, with around 40-60k km on the odo; Reasoning behind it is: i have a $15 -$16k budget and i want a smaller car (tight parking spots where i live and work) that is practical (5 dr and a hatch - would need to drive kids and do shopping duties if needed), has a bit of a punch with an auto (wife would be occasional driver, so no manual) not too bad on fuel and still has some actual style and Clio RS 200 has caught my eye lately as it ticks all of those boxes; Now, buying an European hatch with DCT, complicated electronics, high pressure, direct injected, small capacity turbo engine outside of warranty can potentialy become a big financial burden. What are your personal experiences with this model and is there anything i should look out for? I didn't find any particular horror stories with this model online, but i'm not sure if thats cause the number of owners is low or they haven't done the high mileage yet that would reveal some of these problems. In terms of EDC, i understand its a dry clutch Getrag DCT (similar to PowerShift from Fiesta/Focus) unit and that software programming on the pre '16-'17 models can make clutch and gear engagement a bit sloppy in low speed driving and apparently this was mostly rectified in the later models with better EDC software, but these models will be outside my budget anyway, so how bad is that earlier EDC in everyday driving? Note: i used to drive Alfa 156 with selespeed (single clutch automated manual) so i understand the mechanical sympathy needed when driving these kinds of gearboxes. But more importantly, how reliable have they been so far for you? Engine wise, i understand its got a timing chain instead of the belt, which is a good thing, but is this the case for all model years from when it was released in mid 2013? Also there is some talk that engine doesn't make the claimed 147kw and some experience quite lower power with no actual cause, has anybody come across this? Please, feel free to give me your honest opinions on this model Thanks
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