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  1. Carsales, though it didn't last the night on there.
  2. Also, that is a bargain! Well done.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Called them up! Got it down to $1001 with them, but not agreed value. I tried Lumley though, and they quoted be $1081 with agreed value. Much better!
  4. I think an insurance quotes comparison thread would be useful, if one doesn't already exist. Just shopping around for best prices at the moment. I'm 33 years old, no claims etc... 2010 Clio 3 RS200 AGP - Enthusiast were charging me $1600 per year, 8,000kms limit, no nominated drivers, agreed value, 750 excess. Thought that was outrageous! Particularly, considering my previous 2006 Porsche Cayman S was 1500 with Enthusiast. Just switched to Shannons today - $1400 per year, no km restriction, anyone above 25 can drive, agreed value, 650 excess. A bit better...
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