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Hi ;D


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I currently work at overs city renault as a service advisor, only over the past 5 months has the Renault Sport range has really grown on me. Me & my step father have been into racing in the dutton rally & other assorted racing meets around australia first starting with an BMW E36 M3, Huge amounts of time and money spent on that car, We then traded the vehicle in on a Audi RS4 V8 which is the current car that we are racing.


I am currently about to purchase a Clio RS 197 for my self to continue racing with the Audi RS4, Possible new or used, what ever I can get my hands on still searching for the used one but I may have to resort to a brand new one. Obviously will be putting a fair bit of work into it and turning it into a bit of a monster :wink:.


If you do have any Technical issues with Renault im sure I could answer alot of them so dont be shy about asking any questions! As it has become somewhat of a hobby for me investigating test driving doing all sorts of work with the Renault Sport range.


Look forward to becoming a regular on these forums, Hope to speak to you all soon.

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Welcome! Great to have some racing-dealer input!! PLEEEEAASE keep us updated with this "F1 Edition 197"!!




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Welcome maK - great to have someone from the service side of things as a contributing member. We've have and have had a few Renault salespeople on board, but I cannot think of anyone else from the service sector...


That 197 F1 sounds like a treat... Recaros, yellow paint and race suspension you say?? phwoar... :D

Just don't tell my other half as she'll wanna get rid of her 225 F1!!


And I wonder why anyone would wanna cop a $10K loss on a 3,000km old 197?


Anyways, best of luck with your racing aspirations (and yes please, pics of the RS4!).

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Cheers, Dish.

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May have spotted you a week ago when I came in to check out the 197 with Steve (I had the 182 Cup with exhaust that some guys were looking @).


Ended up giving the 197 a miss as I wanted a limited edition or cup but couldn't wait :(


Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you get a 197 soon and either;


1. Come along to drive days

2. Race it in a rally :wink:

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