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Newbie saying hi


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The LY 182 is soooo super hot. Please post pics! I've just downloaded all the LY pics from the LY thread on CS.net only a few days ago.


Welcome to OZRS!!!

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Dave goot to see you made it over!


ive been on CS for about the past 6 months,


BTW some LY trivia.


5th gear series 8, in the intro (about 12 seconds in) walkies, teki and I are 99% sure there is a LY 182 that goes accross the screen! The image starts at the door bullet and runds doen the bump strip!


good to have you on board mate!

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Quit your Bitching Gryffin! Some of us here make do with SILVER 182's and THEY are good enough for us!!!! :P


Welcome dave!

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