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New 225 & New 2 OZRENAULTSPORT! Hi all.


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congrats on the purchase!


actually surprised that name is still available!


not sure about the cruise control thing?


is it a cup or non-cup?


browse and absorb all the info you can lad!






Meggy 255? whats sort of dealer options did you tick? Booooost upgrade :shock:

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Welcome :)


There is a weird cruise control bug, I had the same problem in the 182 but at a different speed. The Megane cruise control goes from 78 to 82. In the clio it was something like 116 that was missing.


Anyway, welcome to the world of crazy French cars with a mind of their own.

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Welcome Croissant :D


Yes, there's possibly a bug with some of the Megane PhII cruise control systems. Our 225 is going in for a warranty job on the ECU this weekend. Dunno if it affects all Phase II 225s or only some.


So am I right to assume yours is a standard 225 and not an R26?


Cheers, Dish.

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Yes, I have a 225 Cup and do not have the 80km/h cruise option. Maybe that was a box I had to tick??





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Welcome along to the Forum.


My P1225 Cup would sometimes allow 80 on the cruise control.....other times it wouldn't.


I don't think I've managed to score 80 in the R26 yet.


But don't worry about it.....even setting 82 on the CC, the GPS says I'm doing a tad under 80 anyways........ :)

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Yep, we have official stickers :wink:



I'll try to have some in time for the next Melb driveday.


"benst" is also able to get vinyl cut stickers - please PM him for further details.

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Hi Reid-Ren,



In the first five years, Renault mechanic mentioned a software update in relation to the Air con,,, cant remember, I don't really use AC.

Drive is a bit noisy due to directional tire's, but I like it & plan to replace em with another direction type when due.

Standard battery died after 6years at about 19,000km, but I should have kept it charged before starting up.

I don't think I can contribute to reliability issues, as I have only 24,000km on clock.

I've been dreaming of upgrading to 275.




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