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RE: New RS 225 Cup Forum Member


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Long story the 'tippy' name! ...........and for the record, I am not likely to smoke up the Cup.

I don't drive it to drag race, I like the 'on rails' handling and how smooth it is to drive.

IMO, best by far in this category. I just hope that the Turbo/Cooling System is up to the task in our heat here in Perth?

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I have an rs 26 but that wasn't me. I am unable to drive at the moment because of an accident on a scooter. I'll keep my eye open for you. I have only done 4300kms in three months. That is because the car has been immobile for a month and maybe another month.

I have seen a black rs26 in Northbridge buts thats it lately. My old blue 225 is still at wanneroo euro for sale. The other day I saw two std meganes one blue and one white.What part of perth do you live?

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Thanks INOV8.

How long have you had your Cup?

Happy with it?


Had it for 6 months now...........its been great apart from an ECU that needed replacing under warranty.

Don't worry the service department assured me that it is a very uncommon problem. But she is great none the less. I am sure you will enjoy yours.

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I have had my rs26 for just over a year and it is still as much fun as the day I got it ..... maybe that's a bit extreme cos I was a bit excited that day! Anyway I have had no problems with this one at all!. Blue is a great colour and I miss my blue one!

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