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R26 #1399


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I am the face behind R26 number 1399! I met many of you up in Birdwood at the french car day on Sunday, it was a fantastic day and i personally had a lot of fun, it was a real pleasure to speak to you all and trade stories. Apologies - I've forgotten your names, my memory isn't all that flash (although i do remember DrGonzo - hard to forget plus he's got the same car) So if you remember talking to me (red tshirt / renaultsport cap) please drop me a line i'd love to hear from you's all.

The Megane is absolutely awesome and i love it... will take her down to the Great Ocean Road this long weekend ! :)

Cheers !




PS DrGonzo are the pics you took of my car posted anywhere?

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Thanks guys !


Indeed, let's hope we meet up soon... i decided to go for the R26 because uhm

i love fast renaults (my dad had a 5 GT Turbo 20 years ago or so), i would always go for french cars, actually i had a 205 gti 1.9 before the megane, a great little car, great handler / performer, it seems to me the french excel in this.

I wanted something with serious grunt so i naturally thought about the megane sport but the R26 was really my first choice because of the great reviews ( all the improvements in over the cup version for instance the l.s.d.) ...what more can i say :) 'cause it looks tough in black with tint :wink:


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Hi Matteo, it was myself and "Mase" (Jamie) that were talking to you at the Torrens Parade ground about joining up. Glad to see you have. :) (My car was the light blue RSC 182 with the white stripes.)


PS: There's a drive day being organised for this weekend in the social section if you're interested.

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Dunno about SA, but no double demerits here in VIC :D

Welcome Matteo! Great to have another SA Megane owner join their fray.

You'll love the G-O Rd. How far east are you heading? Might have to have a Melb meet & greet?


Cheers, Dish.

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Hi Matteo!


Griffyn and I were the ones in the blood orange Clio with stripes (over from Melbourne). I think you had a much longer chat with Griffyn (Mikee) than you did with me (Amanda).


Was great to see an R26 "in the flesh" and a bonus to see two of them! (Thanks Dr Gonzo!) - it was great to meet you too :wink:

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hey everyone.... cool to see so many replies to my post after a boring day in the office :)


bout the drive that's being organised i will be interstate this weekend (i guess i can't have everything) and i was thinking to go as far as Lorne - i don't think we'll make it to Melbourne to be honest as my gf wants to do a lot of bushwalking etc.


I just noticed my neighbour across the road (xxxxx Avenue, adelaide) drives a Clio RS172! i wonder if he's signed up? I might just have to go introduce myself.


Last but not least. For a custom set of plates i was thinking RS1399, but i'm open to suggestions...


Cheers y'all have a great long weekend & enjoy the road









EDIT: removed street name. Cheers, Dish.

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No worries mate 8) just you never know who reads this stuff, so best to keep things safe :wink: Wouldn't want your new pride & joy vandalised, broken into or stolen... or your neighbour's for that matter!

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I believe a welcome has been sent out on my behalf already :wink:


Was good to catch up at the car show and I hope you find enough space on the great ocean road to enjoy yourself.


(what the heck - Welcome aboard again!)

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Hi Matt, met you at FCD and introduced you to the Mallala and Collingrove entries, hope to see you there next year blitzing them


Trust you stopped at Lorne or Torquay and didnt witness the Power Failure at the G as I did


Forget the custom plates, theyre $240 every year,....go the personalised plates at a once off payment of $170


The combinations are endless....RENO26 , RENR26, MEGR26, MEGI26, FROG26, HOTR26, BYER26, GONE26, NOIR26


I rather like NOIR26 (black26)


Welcome to the Club, you'll have a lot of fun


Cheers Pete

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