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Where have you been my whole life?


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I just spent a little under 20g buying a 2005 182 Sport. I was a little hesitant when buying it at first because it had racked up 75000kms in only two years. I have been copping alot of flack from family about the amount of kms it’s done and would actually like to hear your thoughts on that matter. Obviously that is a lot of kms but is that a really bad thing? It’s had one owner and has a full service history. The guy I bought it from claims they are highway kms. That was my major concern until I drove it. I have never known such an intoxicating and enjoyable driving experience. So at the moment I find myself making excuses to go out so I can drive this car around Brisbane. Here are some examples:


"What's that, we are out of milk? I will go and get some!"

"I will drop those dvds back to the video store"

"Yes we should go and see my mum"


Anyway, I will get my profile sorted in a bit, just wanted to say hello.

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Don't stress dude!! I'm sure she is all good, especially being only 1 owner!


And welcome 8)

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Nice one,

I remeber that feeling and its still there come to think of it, what a feeling you get pushing the wee beast round every corner yay for the clio. Good to see another RSC in Brisbane we will have to organise a drive day or get everyone out to QR for the next sprints to say hi. Well welcome and look forward to saying hi.

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Welcome mate,


Mines done 18,000 Kays since February, so yeah, they're fine. A pretty reliable engine, so I wouldnt worry :wink:

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Welcome. We all understand your desire to just keep driving :)


There is always an offset of price given the number of ks on a car. Sub $20k is a good price for a 2005 model, and it is likely to have been freeway driving anyway.

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welcome good to see another member..

i wouldent worry about the kms just as long as the regular services have been carried out, by now it should of done Plugs, ACC belt, and full fluid change.


and Lastly Enjoy those corners..

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Sheeesh! Only 75,000...that's bugger all. The thing is ..one owner and they must by Country K's..unless it was a taxi! :P So no worries. Having owned lots of high Km's Renault motors I would be getting a wee bit concerned after 200 thou or so.


Love the car. One of the best driving experiences on the road today. This is a true drivers car. Can't say enough and I still make excuses to go anywhere in the RSC after a year. Before that I had the Clio 1.4 and also suffered 'must drive' syndrome in that as well :mrgreen:


Welcome to the fold :wink: We are few, but we are satisifed.





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Satisfied...yes indeedee...

Welcome aboard Blunka, you won't regret your decision.


I bought mine in December with 86K on the clock, and it's now up to 98K without missing a beat.

Everyone seems to think they're a very strong motor, so I wouldn't be worrying! :)

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Hi and welcome

And congratulations on such a clever purchase

I thought many times about buying that car, and watched it for months on Carsales going from approx 50,000 kms and $24500 to 70,000kms and $21,000, and i then thought ,sh*t, someone's going to get that for under $20,000, AND ITS YOURS, WELL DONE

The highway clicks mean nothing, just enjoy the best 182 buy in the land!

Cheers Pete

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