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Hi everyone


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29 minutes ago, jackyboy said:

My name is Jack from Geelong in Victoria...I've just purchased my magane trophy which I absolutely love. Looking forward to chatting and getting ideas from everyone...cheers 

Hi Jack - welcome to the forum.............

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Welcome Jack,

You'll find a huge volume of information and knowledge here. In all honesty, if you cant find the Renault related content you're looking for on OZRS, it's probably not worth knowing. There is also a lot of schmutz on here that you don't need to know as well, mostly perpetuated by me. 

Post some pics of your Meg.

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Welcome Jack!

As you're new to ownership, and your car may have been de-badged, we'll forgive you, but it's spelt 'Megane' ;)

Please post pics ASAP!

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Hi there, I'm wanting to put some sort of car tracker on my car...I thought I might be able to set something up via Android auto, bbuti don't think I can...do you have any suggestions...cheers jack 


























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