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Clio RS 200 Track Day Fun


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Hello ...

I've recently acquired a mint 2014 Clio RS 200, and my intention is to turn it in to a track day car.  I'm in Sydney so this will mostly be SMSP at Eastern Creek.  I'm not looking to compete, this is more of a hobby and personal challenge, and to honour the previous owner (we regularly did track days together before they passed away).  The car is road registered, and I intend to keep it registered, but really just to get to the track and back.  It will not be daily driven.  So I'm looking for information on how to optimise the overall handling of this car for the track.  I intend to start with the basics, wheels & tyres, strip the interior to save on some weight, put a higher boiling point brake fluid and some performance pads.  But then what?  What changes make the most difference to improving lap times with this car (besides some more coaching which I plan on)?  Any advice or links to relevant threads would be greatly appreciated.  I'm also interested in finding a workshop that other members trust and recommend to help with preparing the car.  I'm in North West Sydney, Hills area.  Thanks in advance for any information!


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Welcome mate and what a nice story.

I would complete the mods you've listed for now and then practice, practice, practice. Get the car to a point that it's reliable with the uprated parts and then learn to to drive the thing.

Once you can't go any faster with that set up, I would look at:

- high quality coil overs (AST, MCA etc) and accompanying suspension set up/alignment
- more powah (ECU tune and exhaust)
- half-cage with appropriate race seat and harness

I race in Production Touring and most of the cars are very fast, even with the limited mods we're allowed, with the money being spent on safety gear, suspension and brakes predominantly.

Enjoy the journey and keep us updated!

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If you are going to uprate the brake pads, as you have stated, it is a good idea to uprate the brake fluid to one that matches the heat range of the pads.It sounds to me, from your post, that you will not be looking to drive the car to 'the max' - so barke pads such as Ferrodo DS performance (which I use road and track) with a good dot 5.1 fluid would be ideal.

Tyres, in my experience with our 182, are critical for grip on the race track - even at 'quick' pace as opposed to flat out. I would suggest you go for an ultimate performance tyre, such as Yokohama AD08R or AD09, Bridgestone RE71RS, Hankook RS4 etc. All these tyres are good for road use also. Trying to learn what a car does on the race track and improving you driving skills does not work with 'older tyres' IMHO !!

With these tyres mentioned, some negative camber on the front wheels will help the tyres work more effectively, and perhaps a rear anti-roll bar would also help the handling.

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For something like smsp in my experience, you're going to need some power. I found myself struggling big time on straights however would catch up extremely quickly to the others in the corners. These handle very well from factory if you haven't found that out already. 

Before spending half an arm and a leg on some coilovers mentioned above, get a downpipe, intercooler and tune (Paul from RS Tuning is coming in August so go to the group buys section if you want to tag along). If you want to do any track days during summer, you will need an intercooler given the limitations of the tiny little stock one - I recommend pro-alloy from RS Tuning. 

If you haven't already, it would be worth grabbing a spare set of 17"s to run semi slicks on - think nankang AR1, zestino 07rs etc in 215/45/17.

Brake fluid wise - motful rbf600, penrite 600. If your stock front discs don't have much life left in them, grab a set of DBA 4000 T3 slotted discs from sparesbox, and ferodo DS2500 pads from competition friction in canberra. Once you start wanting to upgrade brakes, look into doing the conversion with Meg2/Clio3 brembo callipers (bracket can be bought from ktec). 

Then start looking at some proper coilovers - on the cheapo end bilstein b14s will outperform a stock setup/lowered springs set up, and then as said above more expensive end MCA, AST. 




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21 hours ago, eight said:

I'm very disappointed with Bilstein B14. I would look for  something with adjustments like above mentioned MCA, AST, KW

B14's are a much more road oriented coilover.

I've run BC's in the 172 and an E46 and been very happy. You have to spend a decent chunk of coin to do better.

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Thanks for all the good info, I certainly have a lot to learn!

I've ordered a few items aimed to help with performance and reliability on the track, and am looking to get a tune when Paul from RS Tuning travels here in August.

But before then I’ll get at least of a couple of baseline sessions in with the stock car on a set of RS4.

My FWD skills will be very rusty …. so will need plenty of time in the seat.

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Safety before power. Brakes, fluid and new tyres that are performance oriented.  

Then driver training. I have 200bhp and can clean up a lot of much faster cars as the drivers are not skilled.

Most of all you will enjoy the process of evolution as your lap times drop!

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