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  1. eight

    New member. RS 200

    Welcome to the forum. It is a bargain. Sent from Tapatalk
  2. Or, this is the start of the new road for your car Sent from Tapatalk
  3. This thread is going in wrong direction [emoji3544] Sent from Tapatalk
  4. Russians say that you need to crack bottle of vodka to come to conclusion [emoji16] Sent from Tapatalk
  5. No need, just light hearted comment. Should have put some emoji Sent from Tapatalk
  6. Merlot, Shiraz, same same... Sent from Tapatalk
  7. [emoji378] Sent from Tapatalk
  8. The Caltex one works in my favour [emoji16], won't be using BP for a while Sent from Tapatalk
  9. Most of the time I fill up full tank to the first click off. At the Caltex the pump meter is 0.5 litre less than the computer figure. At BP pump shows 1-2 litres more than car computer. How do you calibrate this? Sent from Tapatalk
  10. From my observations the quality of fuel vary between the servos. Same brand of fuel from different sites can give different results. The servos that have new tanks or had tanks cleaned recently have better quality of fuel that give that feeling of car performing noticeably better. Sometimes the fuel can vary between the pumps at the same station. That's why I usually fill up at the same station and the same pump. Then the results are more comparable. Sent from Tapatalk
  11. eight

    Bike in rear of clio

    Clio 4 has threaded holes for mounting roof rack. They are covered by door's top seal. Easy to see when you open the door Sent from Tapatalk
  12. As above. The only difference is that paper filter is quick to change. K&N filter needs to be washed, dried and oiled. It takes time to do it. And you have to be careful not to oversaturate filter with oil. It may faul the MAF sensor. Sent from Tapatalk
  13. I had couple of false neutrals but it was sorted out within first 10 000 km. Rear shock absorber failed at about 25 000 km, that gave me reason for replacing shocks with B14s. Recently I have replaced diverter valve with GFB DV+. Not that the original failed but the replacement is much better. Don't get the gearbox hesitation in city traffic. I'm quite happy with this car. I'm not aware of any systemic faults in this model. It got the quircks but you can live with them. Sent from Tapatalk
  14. Welcome to forum. White and Black always look good Sent from Tapatalk
  15. Robbie250 must be a car dealer [emoji16] Sent from Tapatalk
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