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  1. Oxygen sensor for Captur works fine in Clio RS.
  2. eight

    My first Renault

    Paddle shifting was improved in phase 2. Shorter paddle travel and some software tweek. Personally I don't have problem with gear changes. Works for me OK. Do you guys use the gear stick? It is quick.
  3. Nothing to be scared of. I'm suspecting drain plug wasn't tighten when serviced. Any news @ NeedRS?
  4. I've ordered one from AliExpress . Should be here in three weeks, hopefully.
  5. Oxygen sensor in my Clio started behaving erratically. It doesn't throw any errors on the dashboard yet but I've been saving logs in my Rs Tuner box. Voltage on the upstream one drops to 0 V, sometimes for five seconds and the time between min and max amplitude gets long as well. I spent hours on the internet trying to find reasonably priced original or equivalent replacement. Renault quoted $350 + GST. Original from UK $270 +shipping There are others within 50-100 Euro I have found that Bosh O2 sensor from Renault Captur for 1.2 Tce engine looks the same and can be ha
  6. For lowered springs http://www.eibachdirect.com/p/9264810/eibach-pro-kit---renault-clio-iv-.html You can change them yourself if you have spring compressing tool. The job is not too difficult but it may be dangerous if not carried out in proper way. You can also do your own res delete ( I did myself) if you have tools . It is hard to advise when we don't know your skills and what tools you have. The same with swirls. Easy, providing you have the orbital sander. Few years back I paid for the one day course organised by Car Care Products. Learned basic things how to do paint
  7. Picked lots of debris on the last track day. Can anyone say what causes that? To much pressure in tyres? Didn't see that much on other cars. Leave it or clean it? Any easy way to clean?
  8. What happened ? Tell us more
  9. eight

    What a car!

    It is good if you are not planning on adding bits that require adjusting AFRs. Otherwise Paul's tune is recommended for ability to tweak the tune better.
  10. Hi mate,

    I will need complete combination switch with indicator and light stalks for 2015 Clio. I'm not sure but I guess that it should be the same as 2014.

    How much would you ask for it, sent to Sydney.

    kind regards


    1. 63x1092


      My towie has some prob’s getting down, so it’ll be at least a couple weeks until I start stripping if I do

  11. eight

    New Clio Owner

    I'm wondering why you degreased engine bay. Was there any oil leak?
  12. Hi squibby,

    I sent email to Paul about new map for my Clio but there is no response. I've also noticed on his website that maps for Meganes are unavailable at this time.

    I hope that he is not affected by COVID. Can you check what is happening with him? You probably stay in touch with him on social media

    kind regards


  13. eight


    I have cancelled my Tapatalk subscription. They asked me why? I said I won't pay for something that doesn't work. They say, ask your admins to install the plugin on the website. Ping pong
  14. eight


    Yeah, XDA developers are dumping them too.
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