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  1. Welcome. Nice Car. Loud colour, loud exhaust- all good. If you want faster get some good software in the ecu. Mine is flying with exhaust and custom tune????
  2. OZCUP

    My 200 Cup

    Sell me yours. I'd love a red one.
  3. OZCUP

    My 200 Cup

    Thanks. I'm very happy with it. Its eats everything through the corners but only has a few bhp more than the road car so not hugely quick in a straight line. Will be great to compare it against some road cars!!
  4. OZCUP

    My 200 Cup

    Hi All, Apple3337 - Looking for a 12 or 13 Cup at the moment. GEEWIZ - correct Hi Moosey, wasn't sure you received my application. Glad you did. Yes, looking forward to the Nats. Never been round Winton but everyone tells me I have the right car for it
  5. OZCUP

    My 200 Cup

    I was looking in the UK and ended up finding the car here and the guy selling it was a chap I did business with from a few years back. Yes, Melbourne.
  6. OZCUP

    My 200 Cup

    Hi All, Just thought I'd put up a pic of my car 200 CUP. Bought it in January and it has bee great to drive, although gearbox has been a hand full learning how to use it to the maximum. Its the one in the foreground. Cheers.
  7. Really nice looking car. Like the carbon and red decals.
  8. I'd use BMC as we always had good results on the dyno with them when I had my tuning business. Red looks great and the H&R's will really set it off nicely.
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