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Car Clubs (Sydney)


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I'm part of the ARDC. Mine expired last month and I have not yet renewed the ARDC membership nor my Motorsport Australia (previously CAMS) license. I don't see the point in getting the license rewed if there are no events or track days on.

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First off.

When joing a club you need consider:

Where are you(planet earth on your profile and Sydney in the title)

What car do you have(RS265 on your profile)

What sort of events do you want to do?

That will pretty much define what club you want to join.

Research what club suits you based on that, not what discounts are on offer.

No point having discounts available that you will never use.


Trackdays is a bit of vague term.

There is trackdays and then there are trackdays.

Like I prefer Supersprint format where cars are organised in groups by time and even cars sizes if it is multiclub, ie you don't put a Lotus Elise with a GTS Commodore because they do the same time.. The runs are shorter (5 to 8 minutes) but you get more of them.

Then there is ones more like practice days with or without timing. ARDC do these as does Boston/SOTS at Wakefield etc. 15 to 30 minute sessions with anyone in anything out there. Been there, done that and I would say it is the most dangerous form of circuit motorsport you can do. Endurance racing is safer!!! Also some are just open pitlane so you can go on and off track as you feel fit, controlled by maximum track density of course. Even more dangerous then set time length sessions!!! Really only good for setting up race cars.

Regularity is pretty much a trackday as well. You set a target time and then you have to do as close to that time as possible for say a 20 minute session. You get penalty points for how far above or below the time you go.

Not to mention all the other stuff like skidpan days, drift days, motorkhanas, hill climbs etc etc etc.


Example, I have a MX-5 and I am in the MX-5 club. It makes sense to be doing trackdays with other MX-5's. 

I have a GR Yaris and by default I have been given membership to the GR Club which has done nothing... Run by a big motor car company so no surprise there.

There are multi-car clubs and region based clubs as well.

And some car clubs don't actually require you to have there model of car to be in it.


Most clubs give some form of discount and preferential treatment to their members for their events over non members. Some vents are even members only.

Example I pay a lower price for Club tracks days in the MX-5 club then someone who is not a member. Plus entry is blocked to non member until a later opening date. 

Even in State Multiclub Events this happens. The organising club gives there members like a $20 to $30 discount on entry fees.


Also some car cubs have big social sides to them outside of the racing scene as well with club runs, lunches, dinners multiday trips, interstate events, national events etc etc. So factor that in as well.

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Awesome thanks for all the info. I will be in NSW for most of next year and happy to get to any track events at this point not too fussed about which style. So I think ARDC would be the best bet especially with the Local Heros discount. Looked into the Renault club, but couldn't see any events running plus being nearly twice as much.

Thanks for the length responce @LukeKGT all very hand info to consider.

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Nice that the ARDC does this

The Member must be a frontline worker or first responder. Proof of ID is required.


The Renault Car Club of Vic recently increased their annual subs to $65... but the first responders' discount is pretty awesome. Might suggest the same happen in the RCCV ;)

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6 minutes ago, griffyn said:

The Renault Car Club of Vic recently increased their annual subs to $65... but the first responders' discount is pretty awesome. Might suggest the same happen in the RCCV ;)

Shame I am not in VIC for much longer.

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