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  1. Shame I am not in VIC for much longer.
  2. Awesome thanks for all the info. I will be in NSW for most of next year and happy to get to any track events at this point not too fussed about which style. So I think ARDC would be the best bet especially with the Local Heros discount. Looked into the Renault club, but couldn't see any events running plus being nearly twice as much. Thanks for the length responce @LukeKGT all very hand info to consider.
  3. I am applying for my Motorsport Australia driver licence and I need to be in a club. What are some good clubs around the Sydney area which might also get me a discount on trackdays?
  4. Interesting, it does't work for me from PC using Chrome. Might have to try out from my phone.
  5. I haven't been able to figure that out either, I normally just send a link to a google photos album. But I know its possible somehow @Matt205 has sent me images before.
  6. I got a quote online with AMII. Not sure if there online quote system is broken or something, but they only quoted $500 for 3rd (Fire and theft) party which I recon is reasonable. Might be worth a shot, so far its the only company which will insure under 25 for the megane.
  7. Yeah they won't insure under 25 either.
  8. I'll sus them out could be a good option for the future.
  9. North of Melborne, although some guy already messaged me wanting it. Will message you if it falls through. As for the cold air intake this ones not to hard to make if you got an angle grinder:
  10. I've got a KTR Induction Kit (https://www.k-tecracing.com/show_product.asp?id=5102&appid=20) I just took out of mine. Would be looking for around $250. Otherwise you can make your own CAI for around $200, I can send you some links if your interested.
  11. Can't have it under my parents for a couple reasons related to my Job. Ended up finding AAMI would insure me for a decent price, for 3rd party anyway. But comprehensive was going to be 4k+.
  12. I am trying to get third party insurance fire and theft on my car, but no one will cover me (Under 25) for the Megane I drive. Anyone else under 25 find a company which will insure them, I've tried like 8 different ones. Thanks
  13. Awesome, thank you so much.
  14. I had a very very lengthy comment on my members ride post that I had hidden as I was still working on it. Which just disappeared overnight, is this a know bug, or feature. Or I am I just looking in the wrong spot. It would save my a lot of time if I can get it back.
  15. Reminds me of when I first got mine not even a week with it and I crashed it 😪 But to answer OP I was looking for about a 2-3 months before seeing two very good deals poped up (going of past market data) and jumped on both. Couldn't off been happier with them, the dodgier of the two was actually the better one in the end hahah. Probs not the best advice to follow but just wanted to point out if your careful and do your homework you'll be fine. As @speedfiend41 said the market is a sellers market atm so price's are high, both the Megane's I got have increased in value by 10% ish going off t
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