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  1. First off. When joing a club you need consider: Where are you(planet earth on your profile and Sydney in the title) What car do you have(RS265 on your profile) What sort of events do you want to do? That will pretty much define what club you want to join. Research what club suits you based on that, not what discounts are on offer. No point having discounts available that you will never use. Trackdays is a bit of vague term. There is trackdays and then there are trackdays. Like I prefer Supersprint format where cars are organised in group
  2. I used Couriers Please via the broker TransDirect for Sydney to Brisbane. Was fairly heap and the they include $1000 insurance in the fee. Was for a set of Clio 3 17inch Bebops with tyres. Just be careful with weights. Quote them as 4 packages. Couriers keep reducing max weight for package before you need a lift. I blame equal opportunity. Couriers Please is still quite good. They prefer under 25KG which they will do any where, but will do up to 32KG but not everywhere.
  3. Works much the same for me, other than the annoying bright white colour with grey text. I used to develop graphics for our previous alarm system at work and some people wanted grey with white. Never could understand why as it is crap to read. Can't wait for the dark theme to come back. This is a bit unrelated to the forum, but is basically what I have been seeing in any new software development at work. This is how I have been seeing systems go in for at least the last 5 years. The developer basically up markets new features to management, the most important fo
  4. Yep, as you saw in the LE register already done. Also got me some used Dunlop Direzza Star Specs Fitted last Friday. Much better now. the stability control actually activates when you throw it into a comer unlike when the crap Chinese tyres were on it. Car was also registered in NSW on Monday with my old a future MX-5 plates. Yes I definitely will be going back to a new 135kw ND at some point in the future. Wheel alignment booked in for Thursday to give me some toe out up front. Guess I will have to start a build thread.
  5. Thats good news if the roof is paint. That will make it nice and easy to correct and keep it looking good. Is there any Renault models out there that had a jack that fits in the hole?
  6. Just saying the longest Hi I will start off with that I am an avid Mazda MX-5 fan so this is unusual for me to be on a Renault forum, although I am on Aussiefrogs already as I own a Peugeot 207 HDi Lemans as well. Between me and my Dad we have had 4 MX-5's 2xNB SE's, a NC LE and a ND GT. We recently sold off my previous NB SE and our newer ND with the NC being long gone so now only have my replacement NB SE that is pretty much just a pure turbocharged track pig with plates. We really want the newer 2019 spec upgraded 135kw ND after driving a media one down in Tasmania, but don't exac
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