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Another impressed newbie


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Howdy fellow Meg owners

I bought a sport 225 cup in November with the excuse it was going to be for my daughter who is about to get her licence. (Read into that, "getting permission from wife")

This is my 3rd attempt at this thread and it kept getting longer so to bore you with the details and make a long story short, I was so utterly impressed with it I have just gone out and bought a 265 LE for myself.  (A lifetime of favours to uphold to the wife now)

The 225 absolutely changed my perception of fwd cars that I'm now a committed convert. 

I love both cars, a little disappointed the 225 has an open diff but appreciate all the electronic trickery in the Meg iii. 

I had competed in a hillclimb and done a track day at Marulan in the 225 before Christmas which all added up to the desire to modify it. 

Advice from knowledgeable people suggested to get the next model rather than mod the 225. 

With that, I scoured Gumtree and found one advertised dirt cheap but advertised as an LE.

Is there any positive way to find out if it's a cup and why it's registered as an LE? My research points to all 265's having the cup chassis except for the blue LE with silver Brembos.

Mine is white with red calipers. DZ18 prefix. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 


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I could be mistaken here but think the limited edition Meg 3's were all blue and were the only ones not to have an LSD.
Considering your desire for an LSD hopefully yours isn't one of these!

Still a nice car regardless!

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It doesn't have Recaro seats. 

When i started looking l wanted one with Recaros and the bigger LCD screen with the knob to control it instead of the steering  column stalk. 

They were out of my price range and l ended up with this one with standard RS seats and the smaller screen. 

I'multiple pI'm extremely happy with it and intend on taking it to the track and competing in some hillclimbs when possible. Ive never been in a car that handles so well. Its a buzz everytime I drive it. 



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1 hour ago, Dave200 said:

that definitely has the lsd 

Thanks. All my testing points to it having a lsd


4 minutes ago, rye172 said:

I believe Renault did some 265 Cups with leather and flogged them as Limited Editions or Cup+, does yours have leather?

No leather. Basic cloth seats


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