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  1. ^the voice of reason! +1 for a Clio as a first car - probably a 197/200
  2. Do love a good SAAB... have owned a couple of 900 Turbos back in the day. Have you considered a 197? Newer (some would say better) and a bit more grown up than a 172/182 and not much more $$.
  3. I believe Renault did some 265 Cups with leather and flogged them as Limited Editions or Cup+, does yours have leather?
  4. Some of the speed cameras on the Hume use number plate recognition technology to determine your average speed, and then book you! So slowing down for the camera won't really help...
  5. If it is brake debris sticking to the paint, it may take a couple of days for the material to oxidise sufficiently to make it visible, hence why it reappeared whilst not being driven.
  6. Awesome colour, wish my 197 was FRB....
  7. rye172... pretty easy. the only 172 down this part of the world! nicknames i have? my surname is Pope so i normally get Popey though i have a friend who refers to me as "the Pontiff". as my name is Glenn, another mate calls me Glenn-N with emphasis on the spare N, as i have been known to make a point of telling people i have 2 Ns in my name when they are writing it down
  8. thanks for that. i'll have to hold out for some prices before i commit. gotta save for some wheels arriving in a couple of months
  9. G'day Emu what sort of price are we looking at for an XXL polo? plus what sort of keyrings can you get; are they F1 specific or renault diamond? cheers Glenn
  10. A polo shirt sounds good it would need to be metallic red though
  11. rye172

    hello all

    thanks everyone! hope to catch up in the future. all i can say after a weekend of just cruising around is: what a damn fine (hyperactive) car
  12. rye172

    hello all

    I bought the car from Chadstone Euro, probably paid more for it than i should have but it had only 43k on it (it was originally from tassie), and it looks nearly new. i got them to pay for tint and the stamp duty etc.
  13. rye172

    hello all

    hello everyone. just picked up my red 03 RSC172 yesterday. i can barely wait to go for a drive today
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