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Megane GT220 - Timing belt at 40,000 km?


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My wife and I bought a low mileage 2013 GT220  about a year back and love the car. We bought it at 30,000km and took it in for a factory service upon purchase.

Its just clicked over to 40,000km and is just over 5 years old. 

Due to its low mileage I was keen to just do oils and filter changes myself and pickup the timing belt at a dealer service at the 50,000km mark. Any advice on this ?

Also - I had bought 5-40 Penrite oil and oil filter from Bursons but reading some threads on here it seems heavily focused on using Elf oil. Should i abandon my oil and run factory. Thoughts?

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The timing belt is absolutely due. Do it now (water pump included). Don’t use a dealer, find an independent specialist if you’re not game to do it yourself.

There is no Renault factory in oz, so you can only dealer services - they’re not Renault people, just a franchise that’s done some training. Dealers are not awesome for quality or value - there are many reasons for this that’s a longer conversation...

Penrite is ok, not the best not the worst (assuming hpr full synthetic). Shell Helix Ultra 5/40 is better and similar prices (better base stock). Elf is good but not magic sauce - any good quality synthetic 5/40 meeting the RN0710 spec is fine - it’s a pretty conventional and robust engine. A good A3/B4 spec will do it.  

What brand of oil filter? The OE supplier Purflux makes the best and they’re no dearer than a shitty Chinese ryco... Call Parts of France in Ringwood Melbourne to have one (and timing kit and pump) posted to you.

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Agree that the belts and tensioners need to be done at five years. There are actually a couple of half decent service dealers in Melbourne. Have heard good things about Richmond and Essendon. Both do plenty of work on RS models. Worth getting a quote from either of these to compare with specialists such as Virage in South Melbourne or Alpine Affair in Ringwood.

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I'm from Belgrave, Vic. 
I made inquires with Alpine Affair today so will likely take it there for a service and timing belt. 
Out of interest is the GT220 a free spinning engine in the event the belt breaks or will valves bend?

Alas, valves will bend, inter alia [emoji22]
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