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  1. F4R engine in the Clio3 and Meg 2/3 is all Renault - no Nissan. This engine has its roots way back in the 80s and has had many many variants - SOHC, DOCH, turbo, diesel even. Its an utterly bullet proof engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_F-Type_engine The 1.6 in the CLIO IV RS is the renault/nissan joint venture and is also found in Pulsar and Juke in Australia. There is a 2.0 engine as well thats in some non-sport Megane 3 and Laguna 3 thats a nissan shared engine.
  2. The timing belt is absolutely due. Do it now (water pump included). Don’t use a dealer, find an independent specialist if you’re not game to do it yourself. There is no Renault factory in oz, so you can only dealer services - they’re not Renault people, just a franchise that’s done some training. Dealers are not awesome for quality or value - there are many reasons for this that’s a longer conversation... Penrite is ok, not the best not the worst (assuming hpr full synthetic). Shell Helix Ultra 5/40 is better and similar prices (better base stock). Elf is good but not magic sauce - any good quality synthetic 5/40 meeting the RN0710 spec is fine - it’s a pretty conventional and robust engine. A good A3/B4 spec will do it. What brand of oil filter? The OE supplier Purflux makes the best and they’re no dearer than a shitty Chinese ryco... Call Parts of France in Ringwood Melbourne to have one (and timing kit and pump) posted to you.
  3. Haakon

    Noisy EDC

    Find another dealer. You have one of the two clutchs failing. The fact that it makes the noise on every other gear is conclusive.
  4. How long is a piece of string?
  5. Haakon

    Delivery kilometer

    My Clio had 70 on it - they claimed it was because it was in a holding yard across town, but I reckon they lied and it was used for test drives. The Alfa had 20 on it. Doesn't have to have been registered - I've test driven new cars with trade plates on, and I bet they were sold as new cars afterwards.... It annoyed me, but ultimately its not a big deal. Modern cars are built to tolerances good enough that running in is not really a thing and a test drive pilot probably does you a favour if they fang it - seat those rings
  6. There is an oil sale on at Supercheap - this is what you want in it http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/Penrite-HPR-5-Engine-Oil-5W-40-5-Litre/14911?menuFrom=1021652 Oil filter you can get from the dealer, but better to give Ken a call and have one turn up in your mailbox http://partsoffrance.com.au/
  7. Purflux is genuine - can be bought in a Purflux box or a Renault box. Also supplied with MOPAR branding for my Alfa.... They are extremely top notch filters and very much worth ensuring you use. Either way, if you’ve been charged for a filter and that’s your car in the photo you’ve been ripped...
  8. That second photo is not of a shiny new Purflux filter. It is a photo of a dirty filter that has been on the engine for quite some time.
  9. Me too. I can post into my Alfa tales of woe thread, but cant see that post or any others from the last couple of days....
  10. Haakon

    First Renault Car

    Dont touch the headlight mounting, the height adjustment should be a dial inside on the dash somewhere...
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