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  1. I'm from Belgrave, Vic. I made inquires with Alpine Affair today so will likely take it there for a service and timing belt. Out of interest is the GT220 a free spinning engine in the event the belt breaks or will valves bend?
  2. Hi, My wife and I bought a low mileage 2013 GT220 about a year back and love the car. We bought it at 30,000km and took it in for a factory service upon purchase. Its just clicked over to 40,000km and is just over 5 years old. Due to its low mileage I was keen to just do oils and filter changes myself and pickup the timing belt at a dealer service at the 50,000km mark. Any advice on this ? Also - I had bought 5-40 Penrite oil and oil filter from Bursons but reading some threads on here it seems heavily focused on using Elf oil. Should i abandon my oil and run factory. Thoughts?
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