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Hey everyone!


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Hey everyone!

Names Imran, 18 years old

Got an 03 clio sport 172 for my first car, about 5 months ago.


I only just found out about this site! and frankly its abouutttt timmmeee!!


Ummmm I live in Sydney, Western suburbs....


I've already started "modding" my car... but obviously like my forums for advice as i am really in the dark about the inner mechanics...

So yeah, nothing to the engine just yet, And i don't plan on doing anything crazy,


I've already done some of my ICE so far,


Clarion in dash dvd VRX766VD unit,

Cadence CVL-6k 6.5" components in the fronts

2 12" Fusion Encounter SVC subs

Alpine monoblock powering the subs

and a borrowed makeshift response 150rmsx2 amp powering fronts.


Definately one of the cleanest systems i've heard, subs never overpower (i'm not really into the doof doof) its extremely clear, sound quality is divine.


I'm currently looking for some coilovers, and OZ rims.

Anyone have any experience with rim sizes? i dunno whether to go for 16s, 17s or 18s.... i can't decide whether i want nice rims to drive, or cruiser rims and roll the stockies when i actually want to drive....


Well thats basically my story haha..

How do you post pics? thanks guys!

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welcome to the forum Aus172.


Feel free to brownse through the web site, I am sure u will gain some knowleodge after u read through our thread. :wink:



The techincal section of the web site should be able to answer most of your question.


BTW, U have some nice audio system installed. can imagine how nice it would be from your description.




instruction of how to post picture in a thread thorugh inageshack:



Welcome again, cheers

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Hi Imran an welcome to ozRS :)



You'll find this forum very helpful and people here are very friendly :wink: .........its also nice to see another Sydney sider joining the forum :) ......we have a social every now and then to catch up, maybe you'd like to check out the 'Social' section to see what is happening in Sydney.


Anway, congrats on the buy, and remember to wave around like a mad-man when you see another Renault Sport owner on the road :lol::)



Have a good one :wink:




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I joined the www.hot4s.com.au forum to get some ideas on some audio stuff before i went out and bought it, and just happened to have met someone who drives a peugeot, and led me towards this site. theres too much japan on the hot4s forum haha, no one can direct me towards brands that i'd like on my car; so luckilly i came across it that way.

And yeah, i looked through the social section, looks good to me, i'm keen on joining in the social outtings and stuff; so look forward to meeting as many fellow enthusiasts as possible!

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Welcome Imran, HOT4s is definitely not the place to hang out with a Clio. I'm on FFs every now and again and thats bad enough :)


Nice install, have you looked at stalk controllers for the Clarion? I'm running an Incartec with my Alpine HU and its great.


You should learn the limits of your car before getting coilovers, your 172 probably has a lot more in it than you think :wink:


Where in Sydney are you?

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mmm, well i looked at some stalk controller adapters from the uk... i have a feeling it was from incartec as well, something that would total around 150 or so AU dollars? not sure, its definately a must if you ask me, i've had it for two weeks or so, and (i hate to say it) it kills me to have to move my hand so far as to increase/decrease the volume from the HU haha.

Hahaha, yes indeed, I think a track day is a must before i work coilovers :P

I'm located western suburbs, Castle hill to be exact1

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Hi Imran,


Welcome to OZRS.


As for wheels you will see many a forum on wheels in the Tech Section.


In short the bigger the better looks - but beware even a 16" rim is noticeably much stiffer than the factory 15's without any mods and can make for a much more uncomfortable ride day to day on crap road and can possibly adversely affect the ride in other ways.


So do what I do - have 2 sets!! 8)

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Welcome Imran,


As 333 said the bigger the better (looking) but there's a limit to drivability!


There's lots of stuff about wheels on here so you should have no trouble deciding what to do.


Personally I've always wanted to see a set of Megane 225 17"s on a clio! Maybe that could be your project? :lol:


Enjoy the sight and try get to a few social dos!





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Vukie, the Megane actually runs 4/100 ET45 so they would fit any Clio. You would need specific tyres though as the meganes have a larger rolling diameter.


When I bought my car 18 months ago I was going to put a set on but I found out that 17s ruined the handling from joining OZRS :)

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