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  1. Thanks a big "HI" to Moosey and Clio F1, !!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you all, once the car is cleaned properly, will post some pics up.
  3. Hi All, after departing RS car for nearly 5 years, now I am coming back with a black R26. Just want to say hi and see if anyone still remembers me LOL Have a good day. CheersK
  4. looks like some drugs spammer want to challenge the forum....
  5. which dealer did u go for all the warranty fix Dish? Oakleigh or Mentone? my extended warranty will be expire in Oct this year. I wanted to fix everything before it runs out.
  6. maybe alpine affaire, timing belt service + 80k service = $870 autoparis charge me $1150 with 80k service any good place you recommending Portal? what is virage? where is it?
  7. thx for the reply guys, First of all, i will ring up Renault to check the price of the water pump. if it falls below $150, I will change it with the timing belt services
  8. No, unless of course its knackered. But its not a requirement of the timing belt service. thx bio do you think it is worthwhile of doing it?
  9. had a conversation with a machanic on the weekend in regards to timing belt services. Is it necessary to replace water pump in the timing belt service?
  10. nice work, should make this thread as sticky
  11. blackie

    New Melbourne member

    were u the guy that I meet in the town today vlad? nice to see you and maks sure u come for the next Melbourne drive day
  12. welcome to ozrs have u still got the original 15" set? maybe you can try them on next time to see if there is any time differences well done!
  13. Brendan, I am the "model" for the Melbourne meetup today. People are impressed with the T-shirt so hopefully u may have some extra order in the future.
  14. join us on the drive on the 5th Scott. I am sure Dish will be bring in some cards and stickers. even if u cant turn up to the drive , I am sure things can still be organise. U have moved to or around the glen area isn't it? both Dish and PaulD are living preety much near by.
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