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  1. Loved the story, and I totally get it, and so I read it out to my wife but she doesn't get it. Mind you this is on the back of me telling her today, after placing an order for a new fully optioned VW Golf R wagon earlier this week, that I should buy a donor car for my Clio 172 as it would be cheaper than fixing it to get it back on the track, whilst still not placing my 225 on carsales yet despite my wife's protests!!
  2. Been a long time since I posted and note that my avatar is corrupted and I too can't seem to update it. I link to an image and nothing ever appears to crop or save. Clicked on the gravatar link as suggested on this thread but am not a fan of signing up to another thing just to host an image. Is there any tips or tricks to get this working without gravatar - ie. file format, min/max size or whatever as it does not seem to specify. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Welcome to the forums Andrew. I know how you feel about not getting the driving experience out of your head - but it took me over 18 months before I had enough dosh to fork out for my used 172 - oh well, almost as much fun as a new 182 Cup!! Enjoy and will keep an eye out for you on the road...keep your eyes on the social pages for drive days and get togethers. Yay Melbourne, it seems there are a few more out on the roads these in Vic.
  4. 333

    Hey everyone!

    Hi Imran, Welcome to OZRS. As for wheels you will see many a forum on wheels in the Tech Section. In short the bigger the better looks - but beware even a 16" rim is noticeably much stiffer than the factory 15's without any mods and can make for a much more uncomfortable ride day to day on crap road and can possibly adversely affect the ride in other ways. So do what I do - have 2 sets!!
  5. 333

    I just got a black 172

    Nice...very nice... mines similar 47thou on clock and 2002...mines not as clean though...
  6. Welcome aboard - I just moved back from Brissy to Melbourne a few months ago and can tell you they are pretty rare up there but they are about - keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed!
  7. 333


    That's great to hear hopefully you can catch up with some of the Sydney-sider OzRenaultSporters and go for some cruises... Welcome aboard!
  8. 333


    Welcome aboard - Any questions please have a search around on the threads and if you have no luck feel free to ask away someone will have an answer for your? Do you own a Renault Sport?
  9. 333

    Another proud owner!

    Hey Stig, Perhaps we should start a thread in teh Social Events and see if anyone is up for it? The run to the Black Spur that is...you sick people
  10. 333

    Another proud owner!

    Speaking of which any cruises planned for there any time soon? Yes I know probably worng place to be asking but hey it goes with the flow of the thread...
  11. 333


    Yeah good one - bit of a wake up call for me too. My mate with a WRX with over $50k pumped into it and a VU SS manual ute after driving my RSC 172 said mine was nice and light very easy to drive. I had to laugh...
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    Hi Mike, Welcome aboard, I too own a '02 172 as you can see from my Sig and I've only been onboard a month or so and everyone's pretty cool and friendly and more than happy to offer advice. Depends whereabouts you are in Melbourne but check out the Social Events page we are organising a cruise down to Krispy Kreme at Narre Warren this week if you're interested in meeting some of the locals: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... c&start=45 BTW It's great to know that Gentleman Jim likes a good frogmobile like the rest of us
  13. 333

    Q's about RSC ownership

    Thanks for the info Ren & ClioF1 - will be sure to check that out. From what I've read it seems that the Mentone Renault have been good to deal with - does nobody in Eastern Melbourne use Oakleigh Renault? That would probably be my closest. e.Sport: Sorry haven't properly worked out the cut and paste quote thingee - very much a newbie Thanks for the great info and yes I am intending on buying a s/hand 172 as I said I can't wait long enough to get the dineros for a new one. I have found one for sale in Vic with low kays and a remainder of an extended warranty that I have been told by the seller is transferrable but I will be sure to check myself. Thanks again for the info - there are things there that I probably wouldn't have thought to look for and there were a couple of service guys I didn't know that existed. I have worked as an automotive electronic engineer in the past and I am a fastidious owner so I am a keen observer of little niggly things and defaults in cars but I'm no mechanic so hopefully if things go well I hope to be on the track soon in my very own 172.
  14. 333

    Q's about RSC ownership

    Ta Steven. Will keep looking. Having a look at one tomorrow with low kays and a little over a year of extended 5 year warranty, which he tells me is transferrable - but I will of course check that out. BTW I'm in Vic - in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
  15. Hi All, Gotta say I'm a long time reader, first time typer. Ever since I test drove a RSC 182 a year ago in Brissy and then subsequently many others in Cup and standard guise, at the expense of dealers, I have been hooked. So began the search for money for a new RSC. But first I had to make sure that I was making the right decision and looked at many others, ie VW Polo GTI, Golf GTI, RS Megane, Integra Type S, Sportivo's GTi180 and the list goes on, but none have had the same raw appeal and HUGE factor that the RCS as a total package has letalone great bfyb. So 12 months later here I am and with half the money I need but I have since decided that I can no longer wait and with relatively high levels of depreciation on the new Renaults I have discovered that there are a few good 172's about for under the $20k mark - even some with warranty!! So I have decided to take the plunge after much deliberation and I am now on the hunt. I have looked at heaps of threads and done quite a few searches, however I still have some questions that I haven't been able to find satisfactory answers to. I'm fairly keen to take my car out on the track with regularity - I mean why else would you have a car like that so I like anyone I guess want to buy one in good nick, so can anyone please tell me (or direct me to) what common problems I should look out for when buying a secondhand RSC172? Secondly can anyone recommend some good dealers/service technicians in Vic - preferably in the East. I have noticed that there has been similar threads but they seem to be all Brissy/Sydney oriented. Any links or feedback on this would be great, and I hope I have done this right and it posts coz I've done this sh!t before. Ta
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