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225 As Family Taxi


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Dilema - About 2 months ago i bought a mint 225. Ticked all the boxes low kms, ph2, orange, garaged etc. Did the timing belt, eng mount and fluids. It is all sweet. I am a tighta*** when it comes to cars - this was an indulgence.


I actually apologised to the previous owner when i picked it up and put kids seats in the back (kids wanted a ride home in new car).


I love the car - first car i have bought that is not "sensible".


New job brings company car. Economics are too strong in favor of taking the company

car vs thd cash. I will take company car.


So we will soon have 3 cars - wifes car peugot 307 diesel auto, 225 megane, and generic company car. I need to drop one car.


So this is a true first world problem...


Wife has offered to use 225 as family taxi not because she likes it more than hers (to her it is just a car she would rather the auto peugot) but because she knows i want to keep it (shes a gem)


Has anyone actually used 225 as family taxi. Using a turbo french hot hatch would not be first choice - any advice from experience would be useful.


Things like what happens to lower edge front spoiler when hit, how easy are wheels rashed, how do doors hold up to carpark opening damage, how does leather and icecream mix etc.


True owership...the ugly side


thanks in advance


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It'll hold up like any other car.

Put a seat cover on the back seats to protect them.

Clean up spills when they happen.

Park away from other cars if possible.

Good luck with it. Sounds like a nice car.

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Left field thinking.  Take the Meg to work (no kids, ice cream, etc..) and the wife takes the generic family taxi company car and uses it as, well, a family taxi....

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fuel use is probably the only downside. I struggle to get under 15L/100kms around town now that I've installed RS tuner...


Interesting...I can't do worse than 12L/100km on the road and if I do significant kms on the highway then it falls below 10L/100km for the tank. The only time I get over 12L/100km is when track work is done.

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^ Interesting. I used to manage on average 9.5-10.5 in the city with RSTuner stage 1 and driving fairly sensibly, now doing about 10.5-12 without RSTuner on the new ECU (calculated by how much I'm filling up with three clicks, not by the computer). I don't drive it too easy either these days.


YMMV I guess. Mine has 700km shy of the big 200k mark.

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