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  1. Hi Jazon I bought my first RS about november 14. It was a 225 lux ph.1 (standard) being sold as a phase 2. I chose not to get it independently assessed which was probably a mistake, as at least then I would have known what I was buying. So far, the car has been fantastic. I bought it for $10500 with 55k on the clock. My bills so far are: - replacement 2nd key - $320 (I knew this when I bought it) - new headunit and steering wheel controls (utterly necessary if you ask me) - $400 - timing belt fitted - $600 - 60k major service - $900 - 2 engine mounts fitted- $300 - 2 tyres (due to puntures FFS!) - $350 - RS Tuner - $500 - short shift mod - $100 So from my point of view I think that's quite reasonable and apart from the tyre cost, nothing unexpected at all. If you've got a bit of a savings buffer I say go for it. However, at $12800 you're almost at the cost of a cup car, which have much nicer wheels IMHO and is probably a better drive. I'd try and get a standard 225 for around 10k (depending on what needs doing) or go for a cup car. Good luck! Matt
  2. fuel use is probably the only downside. I struggle to get under 15L/100kms around town now that I've installed RS tuner... fits the kid in just fine. gotta be better than a 307 diesel, shorly.
  3. Ahhh. I suspected as much, but couldn't for the life of me find the "forum rules" post anywhere. Oh well, never mind about the tutorial I was going to put up on stripping and repainting interior dash parts using plastidip in my recently purchased Meg 2. I guess I'll have to go back to my day job selling ONLINE VIAGRA CHEAP or those MAGIC FUEL PIILLS that get you 30 % more horsepower or something. I assume I'll get a letter in the post from the admin secretary when I'm allowed to fully participate in forum activities?
  4. No dice from tapatalk either... "Your forum has disabled image sharing from this app" Hardly seems possible
  5. for some reason I don't have an "upload attachment" option. I'm using Chrome on OSX. Never had no issues with PHPBB photo uploads before. 'praps I'll try from tapatalk...
  6. just checking that there is no file upload option in the "post reply" screen, and that all images need to be hosted elsewhere? sorry for the dumb question, couldn't really find an answer anywhere else. M
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