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Newbie in Adelaide.... waiting delivery


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Hi All


Just bought a RS 265 Cup with leather from Sydney and awaiting the delivery truck! Hopefully next week.


Have been lurking around for a while, but the time has come to buy! Cant wait for it to get here!


I've never had a Renault before, so am looking for tips from the Adelaide people re a good mechanic.


I used to have Alfa's (Alfa 75 and Alfa 33) and went to Adelaide European (they were in Gouger St, now at Windsor Gardens). Anyone go there? Where else should I look?



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You've got two dealerships - Unley and Main North Renault - I've had experience with both and recommend MNR.


Congrats on the purchase!

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Welcome. I hope that you enjoy your Renault experience.

As an option to the dealers, check out Manta Racing at Richmond. Steve Cramp is an ex-F2 driver and currently prepares a number of race cars. He has experience with RS Renaults. His work is top notch, although some think that his rates are a bit high.


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Sorry, been a bit crazy and havent been able to reply. taking over a new business next week. Lots of fun.


It's lunar grey.


Drives amazingly. On my return from my 700km trip I came through the adel hills and it was so much fun. I smile every time I think of that trip, or just walk up to the car! I haven't felt like this in ages.


A drive day sounds cool. Being a newbie, where is/how do I find the social events section - sorry for the dumb question. I'll see if i can make it


Pics to follow, its a little dirty right now with the rain (daily driver)

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I'm located up North East road, not far out of town.


Happened to drive home on Friday night, with a Clio182 with ozrs sticker on the back! Also, got some unwanted attention from the local constabulary.... he said he had a hard time keeping up.... couldn't prove anything... so all good!


Still no real good picks yet. Just loving the car. Also getting used to the quirks on the car..... Once i have a full list, i'll search the site for answers.


Will try and make the drive days, just trying to juggle family commitments as well......


Cheers Adrian

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YES! that was you. And that was me with the fam.


Your car sounded fantastic.


The plod were on the weekend, when there was no traffic, except for the unmarked car.....

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Ah - sorry to hear that.


Thanks for your appreciation - my Clio has a non-stock exhaust. :dance:

All it needs now is a clean.


You going to join us for a coffee and cruise on Sunday morning? Can say g'day in person.


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