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  1. I have had a 2013 RS265 cup on 18 inch rims as a daily for the last 18 months, and Ilove it. Tyres are also cheaper The difference you are talking about may be the facelift that came in 2014. 5 year warranty would give good peave of mind. Mine has 3. As long as you are aware they are a very focused car, you'll love it. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Admin/powers that be. I've looked through this thread and cant see the link to the paypal details for a donation. I assume i'm having a 'man' look? Cheers
  3. Yeah, am about 95% sure i will be there. Adrian
  4. YES! that was you. And that was me with the fam. Your car sounded fantastic. The plod were on the weekend, when there was no traffic, except for the unmarked car.....
  5. Hi I'm located up North East road, not far out of town. Happened to drive home on Friday night, with a Clio182 with ozrs sticker on the back! Also, got some unwanted attention from the local constabulary.... he said he had a hard time keeping up.... couldn't prove anything... so all good! Still no real good picks yet. Just loving the car. Also getting used to the quirks on the car..... Once i have a full list, i'll search the site for answers. Will try and make the drive days, just trying to juggle family commitments as well...... Cheers Adrian
  6. Hi Sorry, been a bit crazy and havent been able to reply. taking over a new business next week. Lots of fun. It's lunar grey. Drives amazingly. On my return from my 700km trip I came through the adel hills and it was so much fun. I smile every time I think of that trip, or just walk up to the car! I haven't felt like this in ages. A drive day sounds cool. Being a newbie, where is/how do I find the social events section - sorry for the dumb question. I'll see if i can make it Pics to follow, its a little dirty right now with the rain (daily driver)
  7. Thanks for the info all. My car is on a truck and being delivered home tomorrow. Going through Regency on Wednesday. Have a 700km trip planned on Friday. Cant wait!
  8. Hi All Just bought a RS 265 Cup with leather from Sydney and awaiting the delivery truck! Hopefully next week. Have been lurking around for a while, but the time has come to buy! Cant wait for it to get here! I've never had a Renault before, so am looking for tips from the Adelaide people re a good mechanic. I used to have Alfa's (Alfa 75 and Alfa 33) and went to Adelaide European (they were in Gouger St, now at Windsor Gardens). Anyone go there? Where else should I look? Cheers.
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