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  1. I've got a red 265 also and couldn't find anywhere it looked good so mine sits nicely in the glove box.
  2. Rivmeister


    Welcome Brian, great choice and welcome to the forum. Plenty of good info on the forum which I'm sure you'll discover. Be sure to look out for drive days and get togethers down your way. They're always great fun.
  3. Welcome and great first choice. I saw Ace's 275R the other weekend down here in Sydney and it definitely has presence (and performance). You'll find a wealth of info on here for both cars and it's great to have another QLDer join up as there aren't too many members driving around up there (who wave back when you do).
  4. Can't say I've used the mobile version Homer but Tapatalk (which I believe R182 was eluding to is free to download) is awesome. Only thing I can't do on it is upload photos to the gallery.
  5. Why, are you sad no longer? Sorry, I got no answers for that one but just had to look at your comment.
  6. Great first purchase and welcome to the club! Look out for people sighting you and vice versa in the Vic sightings thread.
  7. Rivmeister


    Nice purchase. It was between this car and the Focus RS for me and I'm glad with my decision. As much as I wanted the Recaros, these leather buckets in the Trophy+ are fantastic and damn comfortable. Mine too was an ex demo driven by a Renault exec for a year so only had 9000km on it and was heavily reduced so I can relate.
  8. Congrats and welcome to the forum. How was the 370 and how does the Megane compare? It's always good to hear what other cars are like to own as many of us won't ever have the privilege of owning one. This is a great forum to be a member of and you'll find plenty of good gouge (info) on here. There's a track day coming up in Wakefield which I would love to get to but can't and NSW drive days organised often so you get to meet others with the same passion.
  9. Yeah, you are correct as you got me looking at the State Rail page.
  10. There are better trains than Tangaras? Haven't caught the train in years and what I could remember were the silver ones, old school retired red rattlers and Tangaras.
  11. Well I don't see anything on my profile to see you've tagged me. However, just looking at my phone @Jeffie, Tapatalk says you mentioned me. How do we convert that to the www for those that don't Tap.
  12. Glad to support the best car member's forum on the interweb.
  13. Is there a way of implementing an invite member to threads to make them aware of it, or what Stalkbook does where you tag the user to the post?
  14. Welcome Richie. Nice looking car and welcome to one of the best car forums around. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Sightings - NSW thread as yours would be hard to miss!
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