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Hi Everyone


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Well well JOP I'm so happy to see you on this forum

I knew some day I would see you on this forum......

Have you still got the GT3 RS And the rest of your mad collection?? Cheers..

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^ premium content apparently? What's the 'summary' m0nty?


"FROM Mario to Modern Warfare, when it comes to video games Joel Hopkins has taken a leaf out of the Pokemon guide and wants to catch 'em all - and he has a $1.5 million collection to prove it.


The Melbourne man owns the world's biggest collection of video games."



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Forget the cars. Is this you?


http://m.heraldsun.com.au/technology/ga ... 6393539275


If so, more details on game collection.



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Bloody premium content......one of the reasons Murdoch is pushing so hard for the ABC shake up.


Welcome mate! Great collection by the sounds of it.....+3 on pics of it! I'd love a drive review of the Meg compared to your others cars, it would be most refreshing having such a unique perspective :news:

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