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  1. I believe turinis are pretty hard to find, if you search speedline turini on ebay you might be able to find a set, could be overseas though.
  2. I saw that it had sold, I was hoping that you had snapped it up! there are two on carsales in Adelaide, neither seem that appealing in my opinion!
  3. They are actually surprisingly easy to work on, from what i have seen. My mechanic said he was expecting much worse!
  4. azz2811

    New here

    Welcome! Romania! cool!. What are you driving?
  5. @themarvel2004, sorry slightly off topic but were you driving up Fullarton road just before lunch time today? I saw a nice flamer and thought it could have been you.
  6. Unfortunately i haven't really had my car serviced by a normal specialist. All my servicing was done through my friends shop, so i'm no use there. Although just before i bought my Clio, it had the timing belt, water pump, and new rear brake pads which totalled just shy of $2000.
  7. I get my car serviced by a bloke called Dan Norman who owns a shop called Garage 91. Although he isn't a Renault or European car specialist he's always been very good to me. Iv'e had my last three cars serviced through him. Charles Street Auto is a very good Euro workshop I believe, I haven't personally taken any cars there.
  8. No worries mate. Let me know when your free and ill try and work out when i'm not working or at uni
  9. Good luck! let us know how you go
  10. That clio looks like a pretty good deal for $3500. The engines in these cars as you might already know are almost indestructible. The pas three cars that i have owned before the clio have all had 250,000kms plus and have been perfect. I think the motor on that clio would be fine but at higher kms you might have to look out for other things like bushes and suspension etc. I live in the Mitcham area and if your close i would be happy to come show you my 172 and take you for a drive. If you find a good example, you wont regret it.
  11. Welcome! In standard form (if you can remember) which was nicer to drive the clio or the focus? Pictures of both if you can
  12. Welcome, Any photos of the car? Have you tried a search on this forum or even Google? You might find your answer there
  13. Welcome! Car looks very clean mate! well done!
  14. Thanks guys, I used wet and dray sand paper starting from 800 grit, 1000 grit, 1500 grit and 2500 grit. I spent about 5 minutes with each grit on each headlight to get all of the really rough defects out. Then i took the car to a local Adelaide car detailer Eye Candy Detailing who buffed and polished the lights. He used a rotary buffer because i just couldn't seem to buff them right up myself (maybe lack of elbow grease) but they came up a treat!
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