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Finally signed up!


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Hey all,

So after a year of being the proud owner of an R26 I've finally got round to signing up!

I now have a black R26 and a yellow 8.08 in my drive!

Good times!!


Looking forward to some good cruises and meets.

Now I just need to figure out how to use forums and put up avatar... maybe I'll do that in another year...




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Thanks Everyone!

In reply to Julian...

Both the R26 and 8.08 are beasts! However the 8.08's just done all the little things that could have been improved on the R26, and done them right. Interior is brilliant (admittedly the overseas R26 with recaro's is a big improvement on ours) steering is tightened up, the shift is short and sharp. Admittedly a lot of these "down-falls" can easily be overcome in the R26 with RS-Tuner and a short shift. But the 8.08 is just right as it is.

My R26 has had the rear muffler deleted (and sounds amazing), and has a shortshift linkage from Andrew Jeffs installed - both brilliant. The only thing I can say about the 8.08 is I wish the exhaust had a nicer note, it does tighten up and crackle a bit in the sports setting, which as well improves on the throttle response, but it just needs that little something more.

Both amazing cars though! And booting them around the hills I think either could put just as bigger smile on my face.



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