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Clio 197 08' newbie, but you may know my car [Syd]


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So i have found the time to visit the forum and say hello.

Since purchasing the Clio from Liam i have become totally Renault obsessive.

In short, I purchased this Amazing Clio off Liam


and I am totally blown away by it. I was originally planning on a Mini Cooper S - having owned 5 mini's [morris's] through out my life. After lots of investigation i realised the price was just too much, a VW golf was another option but not what I wanted.

Then I saw Liam's Clio for sale.

I took a Tornado red F1 Cup for a test drive from Peter Warren and I was sold.

It was then in turn sold before I could make an offer so i returned back to carsales - found the FRB was still for sale and drove down that weekend to put a deposit on it.


Liam had taken care of the car so well I still cringe every week because it isn't in as good a condition as when I first bought it.


In all I am now a total Renault convert and the FRB is just amazing to drive and own.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I found some time today to take a pic [or two]

sorry pic is a bit crap



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Welcome mate. Great pick up off Liam - that car is stunning!

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I saw this outside Ray's outdoors a few months ago in Penrith, its a sweet looking car, Jim and I stood for a moment in the carpark and drooled, well done

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Thats a beautiful car mate. Congrats.

I'm an ex MINI man myself and the price of a newbie bought me to an RS200 as well.

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@nemz - Have you seen this youtube? This is the actual car. I think liam may have made this video.


@Busgo - My uncle and aunt still race hill climb mini's in Queensland. I'd still love to have one but it would now be a Morris Cooper S MK III - or similar

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Hey I think I saw your FRB 197 down the road from my brother's place this arvo, he has the pile of Peugeots out the front. My family thinks your car is the same as mine "but noisier" but I guess they don't know the difference between a 182 and a 197 :)

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Nisch you did. I live down the road from your brother.

It was a pretty surreal moment. Having two FRB's in the one street considering how isolated the street is combined with the rareness of the two cars.


I would have come up and said hello but I had just returned from a 135km+ bike ride and needed a bit of a rest.


How funny, I think everyone in our little town thinks my car is noisy...

And with the super sprint installed it is. Even my dog knows when I am driving up the windy bends to home.

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