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new 172 owner adelaide


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G'day OZ Renault guys and gals! Greetings from Adelaide. Just thought id put up a post of my little 2003 172 which I picked up a week or so ago. Any of you guys recognise this car at all? Wouldnt be suprised if the previous owner was on here..Its pretty clean and the previous owner did not skimp on looking after it so I think it will be a good car for me. It has just gone 100K kms and has just had timing/acc belts etc and full service earlier this year (which cost him a bomb on the reciept).. The car is pretty stock but came with some tasty little extras which I quite like personally - I think he did well and now I dont have to shell out for them!



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-new koni adjustable dampers

-new Michelin Pilot Sport 3's

-RS tuner running latest 172 map

-slotted front rotors (unsure of brand but the thing stops on a dime..)

-stainless braided lines

-2 sets of new mintex pads - when I got the car it had the 'extreme' pads but I have already swapped them out for the 'sports' pads. I found the extremes were too grabby around town and squealed like a b**ch on light applications. Sports pads are much nicer with a more modulated feel. Keep the others for track days if that ever happens!

-K&N panel filter

-ipod integration - nice and neat with stalk control

-upgraded speakers

-nice premium tint for the harsh Aussie sun!

-nice Rs floor matting throughout

-Ktec enigine/gearbox mounts

-new exhaust hanger, RHF driveshaft, clutch cable, plugs, leads and other bits and bobs.

-FSH with thousands of dollars of receipts - nice. Nothing s**t has been done to the car IMO. Underneath its very clean.


Plans are - not much! Maintain and enjoy, im prob a bit old to be faffing around modding cars these days lol. Been there done that and I think these cars are already a pretty good package as is.

Having said that Ive already chucked a ally footrest, silver bulbs, clear repeaters and have a skoda splitter and a new numberlight lens on order..am tempted possibly to put some spacers and sportlines in it... although I am over having a s**t ride just for the sake of looks - opinions welcome!



Impressions of the car are good so far now that I am getting used to the oddball driving position. This thing is on rails compare to my 90 cressida that I just sold! Have'nt noticed any of the rattling problems people seem to bang on about - slight vibes through the wheel on idle but I put this down to the ktec mounts I rekon. Good power for the size of the car - my wife has a subaru forester turbo which has been tricked up a bit and its not all that quicker in a straight line than the clio tbh!



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Uploaded with ImageShack.us



Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Think Ive worked out the pics now!

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Welcome - looks like a very well cared for example, and Konis are a great addition. Getting towards 2 years with my Clio and it's still the absolute favourite of all the cars I've owned, even at 1/8 of the price of some.

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Welcome mate, nice 172. A friend had a look at it recently, and was pretty tempted glad u snapped it up.

Lots of good mods and good money spent.


See you around the hills.



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Well done. That car looks great. I wish mine looked as nice - or had all the extra bits fitted!!

Sadly, that is now going to have to wait - just bought a house....


Anyway - welcome to the adelaide group :)

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