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  1. Looks good! Sorry for the late welcome! Remember to jump onto the 'SA Hot Hatches' group on Facebook - seems to be where the active RS adelaide members are socialising. See you around! Todd
  2. Awesome! Best colour scheme you have there!
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replies! It is definitely a 06 Ph2. Production was April 06 and Shipped Oct 06. I know this must be a dumb question but what is 'BO' stand for??..body kit? Thanks for the tips on removing the foam, I did read that somewhere else so will give it a shot. Any guidance (photos) on what foam to remove? It is what is located around the air intake? I'll look into a new air filter. Hopefully meet some of you, would be interested on going for a run/meet when the next Adelaide event is organised? In relation to the suspension, Dan I will have a closer look tomo
  4. Hi all, I am new to the forum. This is my second Renault sport (they are a great drivers car!). I have just purchased a 2006 Megane 225. Loving it! Hopefully the image above works Has 70k on the clock, has modified suspension but still rides very nice and not too stiff. I owned a 2002 Clio Sport for the last few years which I have loved! (and it currently for sale online 'carsales', #plug) I found the Megane is a bit easier to drive than the Clio, and a lot more quiet. The gears are not as short and the clutch isn't as stiff. I am wondering if there is
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