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New Member Phil from Northern NSW


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Hi Guys, Phil here from Broadwater, up near Ballina and Byron Bay. After 40 years of Renault ownership I have finally bought a 2003 Clio 172. Fantastic car but have not had it long enough yet to discover how fantastic! Usually hold both an AASA and Cams license but broke 7 vertabrae in my back and four ribs last Easter! Ironically it was Good Friday! Go figure? Back to the Clio, I think its about the best Renault yet that I have owned out of about 35 Renaults over the years. We also have in the family two Megane 11 diesels (great cars) an R19, 1960 Renault Floride convertible,a 1975 Oldsmobile HO Coupe and a sub 500 kg Open wheeler running a slightly upgraded Fuego engine, balanced, cammed up and twin 40 mm Webers just about ready for the track. It should be a bullet with that power to weight ratio! Anyway, I am looking forward to trawling through the site and learning as much as I can about the 172 and maybe how to make it just that bit quicker and to meet some of you in the near future.

Cheers for now, Phil

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G'day Phil, & welcome!


Wow, what a history! Sounds like you're up for some more driving after your injuries :D


Look out for SEQ drive days in the Social Events section. We sometimes head down to Murbah and surrounds, so maybe you could educate us on some local twisties down that way :?::!:




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Welcome to the world of RenaultSports but of course your history indicates that you know what to expect I think.

Take care with that stiff suspension but the 172 is possibly the softer of them all down there.

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Welcome Phil.


No noob to the brand, you might just hold the record for most Renaults owned by a OZRS member!


Enjoy the RS and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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