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Hi everyone,


Just dropping in, doing the polite thing and saying hello. Currently no RS in the garage, but working on that. Been a Merc guy for quite a few years and very happy with current vehicles, but just sold my daily driver signal red 190e 2.6 which means it's time to look for another daily... and the rs3m 250 /265 looks like a good thing. I'm just looking for something different, and the RS3M has similar power to my cosworth, with a 25 year younger chassis...


Currently trolling the topics and looking for the usual caveats when purchasing a different vehicle than what I'm used to. So if anyone has advice on what to look for, or knows of a nice 250 cup trophee or a 265 trpohy+ going for good $$$ let me know


I've got sound mech. knowledge and not afraid of a challenge, and shouldn't take long to cement myself in the drivers seat once I find 'the one'


Cheers :headbang:

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Probably never a better time to hop into a slightly used RS250 with a year or two's factory warranty left. Fundamentally (apart from an almost token 5% power/torque increase) there's bugger all difference between a 250 and 265 (and a $1500 Stage one chip up would more than address the 250's "power deficit" against the 265). The fact that the 250 is superceded will mean it's value has almost certainly dropped, making a near new one a cracking buy.

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Thanks for the heads up guys!


Believe it or not I've already spoken to Steven about his car, but due to other half being ill today we couldn't make it up to see him. I think he's nursing a hangover anyway :mrgreen::D


back to the grind again tomorrow :cry:

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Best of Luck find the one mate and welcome!

I'm still new to it all and have only recently purchased my Cup.

I must say I agree with RBH58 in that the RS250's are a hell of a buy now that the 265 has come out.


I'm still finding my driving skills two months later and the car continues to challenge me everyday.

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