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I Dont own a Renault....


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Hey fellas,


I dont own a renault... although it does share some similarities between old generations of said car brand.


Its a lunch box, FWD lots of fun and likes to break stuff... :mrgreen:

- Blows head gaskets more than it blows smoke (it blows alot of smoke.)

- Chews wheel bearings for breakfast

- Has a cancerous substance called rust

- Rips mad skids around winton. (Did a 1:49.599 on KU36's with previous motor)



Its an AE82 Corolla equipped with a smallport 4AGE with 100kw!


The car weighs in at 900 kilos so its enough to propel it along.


Mod list includes:

- Coilovers

- Rear sway bar

- Sticky tyres for track work and ok tyres for daily use

- Cusco rear strut brace

- TRD Headgasket (because of previously mentioned shenaniganry)

- PVC CAI - because abbreviations are RAD. << thats not an abbreviation, just in capitals for emphasis.

- Eaxhaust leak for extra killawasp noises and fumes in the cabin

- RARE OEM AS F*CK interior with 8 different colours minimum, you can count 9 with the stain on the rear seat, but i have no reat seat so you cant.

- Nardi wheel and skink2 almost-half-kilo shift knob

- Bride seats for extra cools and hugs for when im forever alone.














In all seriousness, I love my car and wont be parting with it (its an odd relationship of love and hate, i know) and I cant afford a renault which is relevant to my interests, so Ill just trawl (sometimes troll) your forums and drool over your rides if you dont mind. I can be quiet and in the corner. dont mind me!






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welcome . that model was a very good corolla , very well balanced handling if i recall, just like a RS .


and we have a member on here called Aitch who loves corollas , you'll get on fine . we have a lot of fun with him . we also have a member who likes AE 86 , which history shows were totally inferior to the excellent AE82 but somehow get all the fame these days


we'll be at winton for the nats later this year , drop by and say hello .

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Welcome. I have owned a few AE82's over the last 15 years and like them.. Just about brought a NZGT liftback last week.


My last NZGT.







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Had one too - my 2nd car. Had the lego grill and the side moldings were red but otherwise the same. Awesome car mate. Good to see the TWIN CAM 16 stickers still intact :)


I shifted mine not long before the first Renault (which is much more resistant to rust).

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Again, welcome to our forums! Justin is one of my buddies form the Toyota Owners Club :) I use to own a heavily modified Toyota Corolla Sportivo 05 model. Back in the days I'd meet up with the guys at almost every social meet and have a good ol yarn. They're really good people. Since selling my rolla I stopped meeting up with the guys due to work commitments and the like. BUT! In March this year I thought I'd drop into the forums and say hello and found a new generation of members which I now meet up with from time to time. Haven't gone on a drive day since back in the rolla days but we do have a fang around the area now and then or when we're going for the late night kababs :P


Thanks for signing up Justin. I'm sure you'll like it here, they're great bunch of guys and they're always eager to help out with any questions.

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Thanks for the welcome guys, good to see some 82 fans :D



Thanks whitejet, im liking this place already :wink: Should be good meeting up with you blokes, something other than Toyotas will be a nice change :P


Getting ready for a couple of track days over the next few months, so i fitted some semis on and have started fixing all my oil leaks lol



Some more pics:



IMGP9562 by JustinLakos3, on Flickr



IMGP9592 by JustinLakos3, on Flickr



IMGP9685 by JustinLakos3, on Flickr

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