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Problem with my account


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hi everyone/mods


i wondered if someone might help me - ages ago i made an account on here with the username "sanjay" but forgot the password. I still have access to and use the email account associated with the account.


however, when i try to use the 'forgot your password?' prompt, I get told that "you are not authorised to reset your password". can this be fixed so i can access my old account, pretty please? :mrgreen:

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G'day mate. Sounds like your account may have been purged. When did you last log in? To speed up your query, I suggest you PM one of the site admins or mods.


We don't purge any accounts, or posts.


That's good to know. Thanks mate!

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theres a certain thread on here which needs more than a purge :nod::mrgreen:

Would that be the one you seem to be unable to help yourself contributing to? :news:




no , i've posted on there i'm not posting anymore .

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I sent you a reactivation email. If that doesn't work send me a pm with the email address you think is linked.

Thanks, I got the reactivation email but it didn't seem to reactivate my account. (Ended up with the same error as before)


I'm not too fussed, I'm happy to keep using this account but I don't want to be breaching any rules that only allow me one account!

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Well, got it working, thanks for persisting admins :)


I think i would prefer to keep this username over my 'xyron' one (just for the sake of inter-forum consistency). The mod that contacted me mentioned that my accounts could be merged, great if so but please dont waste any of your precious spare time sorting it out (or just cancel one or the other i guess)

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So what are you driving Sanjay?

Cheers bud,


i am sanjay, decided in the end to just keep using this one. the old 'Sanjay' account can be deleted thanks mods!


my car is sigged - 2004 RS Megane 225 non-cup. the power and handling on this thing is far beyond my wildest expectations of a hot-hatch...though i cant wait to get an RS Tuner and a stage 1 tune into it :)

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