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Newbie in Geelong


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Hi all,

I have recently sold my car to help fund my gap year of travels, my EL fairmont ghia was a great first car but there was nothing 'sporting' about it. Although I should be most excited about travelling, I can't wait to purchase a new car when I get back.

I have been drawn towards the RSM 225 Cup by a couple of factors, 2 friends have recently puchased a mazda 3 and a golf, and after years of thinking I needed a large sedan, turns out I'd be fine livng with a hatchback.

The second influence was my youngest brother and his early 90s Audi 80, it doesn't steer or stop or go very fast, but after years of boating in the falcon it was fun to drive - changing gears all the time and listening to the snap, crackle and pop of the aftermarket exhaust, all at urban speeds.

The third and probably most influential factor was my best mate, he purchased a 07 Liberty STI, it sticks to the road like s#% to a shovel and has an addictive power curve - after driving it I though I better find something that could match the performance of the STI, while being a relativly new car, less then $20k, 4 door, something a bit special - that you wont see everyday (ruled out GTI).

OZRS has been great giving me heaps of info, and knowing there is a huge following is always reassuring.


The purchase of a RSM 225 Cup won't be for another 6th months, but was hoping to get a look at them in the metal before I leave, might even tag along to reefton on the 27th!



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Welcome mate. Sounds like you know what you want (great choice BTW).


Enjoy your travels in Europe but don't wish it away just to come back for a car. It will be the best 6 months of your life, trust me :wink:

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Welcome and good luck with your car hunt.

I did see a Grey RSM225 in last Sunday's Sydney Telegraph DRIVE classifieds.

Might give you an idea what's out there.

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Hi Zac,

You seem to have hit the nail on the head as it ticks all boxes.

But leave that for later... enjoy your travel and (if)when you come back, bring us a crap load of stories.

Cheers and all the best.

WOLF (travelled)

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