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RS250 Cup in Townsville


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Welcome and congratulations :D


Guessing yours is the only one in town?


Apparently there are 3 others in town - according to the sales guy - but i have not seen one yet


You have to remember whiltst 99.9% of the cars are commodores or falcons...they are SS utes or XR6/8 as we have a heap of Army guys and Mining guys with buckets of money

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Hi Greg,

Good to see some RS action up north. Cheers for sharing the pics too.

Keep us posted with feedback after some ownership time.

- btw, modding at all?




lol - i have promised myself to leave it alone for as long as i can and i have to say with the std handing, brakes and power i might just be able to this time.

After the bmw i was over modding cars for a while and that is why i got the gti....but of course the polo needed a swaybar for better cornering, and a better tune, and the SMIC wasn't overly effective as the forge FMIC up here in the tropics and the stereo was lame and a carPC was better...well you get the picture...

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Welcome and congrats, I saw a LG 250 in Townsville when I was up there last month so you're not alone!


Yes - i have seen a Grey one and a White Monaco (owned by someone at the dealership)

With the end of year army redeployments - who knows there may be more in the new year.....

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Thread dig....

Back in a rs.
After a couple of years in a Polo GTI (yes another one but a 6R this time) I picked up this rs265 with 20k on the clock and 2.5 years warranty left.

These don't come up for sale up here at all, so when I spotted it in a car yard I just had to take it for a test drive.... And of course that was game over. So good to be driving one of these again.

It has a few scars on the interior and some stone chips but proper service history, low KMs, and warranty for the right price I practically bought it on the spot.IMAG0292~2.jpg

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I just spent three weeks in Ayr while working on the Clare solar farm and was searching for Renaults in far north qld, the only thing I found was another frenchy, a Goat 205si for $300, I would of popped on it but they had no wheels for it

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