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  1. is it a 2000hp R33 rocket? A Megane 265 will be similar to any other car your plan to daily drive and or tend to track...... Does mustard taste the same as tomato sauce?? Yes/No? You decide....
  2. Facelift headlights suck.... So badly... Can't see much at night... The 19 inch steevs look like shit in my opinion..
  3. The oyster grey is my fave colour on the meg3... Looks tops mate..
  4. Don't waste your time taking it anywhere else but Renotech.
  5. Nice looking car 🙎‍♂️
  6. RedMistVIP

    Wanting an R26

    Renotech at Hornsby.
  7. That colour looks better in the flesh.. Nice ride. Welcome....
  8. Personally id look for a newer lower km example. But if the blue one ticks all your boxes and the mods then go for it. Do you have a budget in mind?
  9. Looks awesome in pearl white. Would be my choice over LY or VO...
  10. Nice machine.. Any mods in the works?
  11. Welcome, Looking clean.. Not often seen in red either. Mods are kinda needed on the Meg3.
  12. Go along Garden Street Narrabeen.. You'll find someone along there willing do to what your after..
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