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  1. I prefer the "face" of the RS250 - i not a fan of the big diamond face. But i definitely prefer the Liquid Yellow of the RS265 to the normal yellow of my RS250. Performance wise there is not a big difference on the daily commute. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Can't comment on either of those cars but i feel your pain about no RS for sale in Townsville. They vary rarely become available. There are a few around however so you could leave notes on windscreens. There is a grey trophy RS250 and a liquid yellow cup RS265 in Idalia. A black cup RS250 i see in the city all the time. Also see yellow trophy RS250 coming from the direction of Laverack Barracks. I purchased my first (RS250) as an ex demonstrator through Parry Euro and got lucky with my RS265 as it was on consignment at a car yard at the exact time i was looking for a new car. So i guess your choices are either nag some current owners in Townsville or road trip around the country. Good Luck Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. gjuu

    RS250 Cup in Townsville

    Thread dig.... Back in a rs. After a couple of years in a Polo GTI (yes another one but a 6R this time) I picked up this rs265 with 20k on the clock and 2.5 years warranty left. These don't come up for sale up here at all, so when I spotted it in a car yard I just had to take it for a test drive.... And of course that was game over. So good to be driving one of these again. It has a few scars on the interior and some stone chips but proper service history, low KMs, and warranty for the right price I practically bought it on the spot. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  4. I found that the under dash trim was falling down a bit.... was catching the toe of my Winkle pickers..... pushed it back into place and haven't had a problem since Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk
  5. I always start mine in neutral - no pressing clutch. You may want to try that next time and if it works that may point to faulty clutch pedal sensor... I am not technical so may be way off here ...rofl
  6. gjuu

    RS250 Cup in Townsville

    Yes - i have seen a Grey one and a White Monaco (owned by someone at the dealership) With the end of year army redeployments - who knows there may be more in the new year.....
  7. gjuu

    RS250 Cup in Townsville

    lol - i have promised myself to leave it alone for as long as i can and i have to say with the std handing, brakes and power i might just be able to this time. After the bmw i was over modding cars for a while and that is why i got the gti....but of course the polo needed a swaybar for better cornering, and a better tune, and the SMIC wasn't overly effective as the forge FMIC up here in the tropics and the stereo was lame and a carPC was better...well you get the picture...
  8. gjuu

    RS250 Cup in Townsville

    Apparently there are 3 others in town - according to the sales guy - but i have not seen one yet You have to remember whiltst 99.9% of the cars are commodores or falcons...they are SS utes or XR6/8 as we have a heap of Army guys and Mining guys with buckets of money
  9. gjuu

    RS250 Cup in Townsville

    in the driveway....woohoo Polo GTI E30
  10. Hi all Just picked up my yellow 250 cup this afternoon....absolutely love it Come from Polo GTI (the one with the 1.8T - not the new one) Greg
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