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New to Renault, new to 4cyl, new to turbo


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Hey all,


Picked up the RS250 Cup in March (Lunar Grey), then went on holiday for most of April, so not much chance to drive (seriously)yet.


But...when I have driven it...it is fantastic. WOW.


Fell in love with the look at the Sydney Motor Show..test drove at Peter Warren's with Joey ( he did 5.9 0-100 on the test drive! :nod: )ordered in November...had to wait until March. Works out good actually, as have now got 2011 build plate.


Having been a V8 driver :oops: for the last twenty years...I now realise what I have been missing out on.


I look forward to taking the car on a few twisty bits and Wakefield..( I now to go work on the back roads rather than the boring highways).


I'm in Western Sydney and look forward to meeting some of you at an event in the future.




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Welcome! Nothing wrong with a burbling v8 for cruising and straight-line but it's no contest when it comes to corners 8)


Glad you've found us and enjoy your time with the car!

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welcome shane .


you won't regret it , renault sport are addictive !!

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your story sounds similar to mine, I fell in love with the car at the Motorshow and ordered one exactly the same shortly after and took delivery in March. LOL


Glad to hear you're liking your new toy, they are a supreme beast!

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Welcome to the crew!


Great colour choice too :wink:


Pics please! Keen to see the colour on a Cup (non Trophee I assume?)

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