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Converted to Renault


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Hi All,


I'm here because I was accosted by Dominic in a Bunnings carpark. (BTW nice car Dominic)


I'm the proud owner of a brand new black RS 200 Cup Trophie... and love it! This is my first Renault as my last 5 cars have been Peugeot GTI's. I only changed because Peugeot are being too slow at producing a good hot hatch; plus I'm bored of turbos and wanted to got back to a hard revving normally aspirated engine. :D


I'm also into classic cars and I'm restoring a '63 Holden Premier, and if I'm not doing that I'm flying giant RC planes.


Yesterday I ordered a set of new plates, RS20OX, hence my user name.


I look forward to chatting with you all and seeing what I can do to make my pocket rocket go faster.





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Hi James,

Nice pick up... not the first to cross over French ranks.

Let us know what you think of the corners when you get to some really good ones.

What city are you in?



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Welcome James! Good to have you in the Renault ranks. Loving the 200s at the moment!!


Pics please 8)

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welcome . great car . btw my brother used to have pugs too , which were great cars before pug dropped the ball and RS ran away with it .


enjoy !!

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Hi James ... Glad to see you made it to the site. Sorry mate didnt mean to stalk you :lol: ...but like most here we get all excited when we see other RenaultSport cars. And i can tell you that i dont see many in my local bunnings at Mulgrave .... RS cars dont seem to go out west much :lol:


Mate like you i have had my fair share of peugeots ... 250GTI, 405Mi16, 306S16, 306GTI 6 and last but not least 406SV Special. But once Renault came back to Aust ... i drove the first Mk1 Clio Cup and i was hooked.


I have just ordered my 3rd Megane ... A new 250 Cup Trophee ...hope to have that in Dec.


Anyway ... Enjoy you stay here ... Great place full of heaps of nice people & Hot looking car mate ! :drool:



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Welcome from another ex Pugger (205x3) :)


Feel free to add your location to your profile and would be great to see you and your car at an event not to far down the track (Nats maybe????)

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